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General Hospital (GH) Spoilers: A Devastated Sonny Falls In Bed With Nina

General Hospital spoilers and updates tease that a devastated Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) will fall in bed with Nina Reeves (Cynthia Watros) in an upcoming episode of General Hospital!

General Hospital Spoilers And Updates – Sonny Corinthos Recreates The Martinique Wedding

General Hospital viewers will recall that Carly Corinthos (Laura Wright) finally let Sonny talk to her after Ned and Olivia Quartermaine’s (Wally Kurth) vow renewal. General Hospital viewers saw Sonny talking to Carly about his “grand gesture” that he had previously been warned against by both Ned and Olivia.

Sonny finally gets Carly to agree to come to a recreation of their Martinique wedding, which he plans to hold onboard The Haunted Star. Sonny has been on the outs with Carly ever since the truth came out regarding his feelings for Nina in Nixon Falls when he was amnesiac Mike. At least Carly finally understands the reasons why he held back telling her right away when he returned home, so Sonny gets his hopes up.

GH Spoilers And Updates – Sonny Corinthos Waits For Hours, No Carly Corinthos!

General Hospital viewers can imagine how Sonny, still not quite right after being off his lithium and still adjusting will be when he’s waited for hours and no Carly! General Hospital viewers will see Sonny go through every worst-case scenario his mind will bring up, and he’ll be convinced he’s been stood up! Sonny has tried so hard, perhaps too hard, to win Carly back, and to him, the words “needing space” have always hit him as rejection.

Sonny is thinking if Carly hadn’t been making a statement of “we’re over” she could have least called as to why she’s late! General Hospital spoilers and updates imply she’s had an emergency, because she rushes over to General Hospital; either way, Sonny’s totally in the dark!

General Hospital Spoilers And Updates – Nina Reeves Seeks Out Sonny Corinthos

In the meantime, General Hospital viewers see that Nina overhears Kristina Corinthos-Davis (Lexi Ainsworth) at Charlie’s Pub, talking about Sonny’s fragile emotional state. Of course, as General Hospital viewers can imagine, she will be worried over Sonny and she will go seek him out to make sure he’s okay!

When Nina gets to The Haunted Star and finds Sonny, it’s confirmed to her that he is in pretty rough shape emotionally, and hurting badly. Sonny is glad to see her because he definitely needs a friend, and opens up to her, reflecting on their time together in Nixon Falls. He even admits to Nina that Carly was right about his inclination to protect Nina upon their return to Port Charles, and she tries to comfort him.

General Hospital (GH) Spoilers: A Devastated Sonny Falls In Bed With Nina

GH Spoilers And Updates – One Thing Leads To Another

General Hospital viewers will remember that Sonny, as amnesiac Mike, fell in love with Nina in Nixon Falls, and while it was mutual, Nina never allowed sex. General Hospital viewers will remember that it wasn’t for Mike’s lack of trying, but Nina hinted that he really didn’t know if he had someone waiting.

Of course, she knew he did but at the time he didn’t know anyone was looking for him and so he didn’t care – all he had was dreams. He would see himself in a tuxedo and Carly but only from the back, never her face so he didn’t know who she was. Sonny assumes he and Carly are over forever, and the feelings from Nixon Falls overwhelm him, and Nina gives in – and they head to bed!

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    1. Tara J says

      This is Sick!!! You writer’s are the worst I’ve seen in a while! This story line is between Carly, Sonny and Nina is so off. First, Sonny is still a married man! I know you all don’t care about that but some of us still see marriage as sacred! Second, Sonny just got back on his med’s, and he is not completely normal so, Nina had NO business kissing him or sleeping with him! Third, whi sleeps with the person who hurt their family SO much! Sonny has destroyed his family by having sex with Nina! They are NOT a good fit, period!!!!!!!!!

  1. lbc says

    Just because Sonny is feeling Carly rejected him again is no reason for Sonny to hit the sheets with Nina. Yes he is devestated, but sex is not the answer to his problems. Rationally, he should think and remember that Carly just wanted time and space to figure things out which he should have granted. But, Sonny being his usual bull headed self, wants what he wants when he wants it and Carly being as bull headed as she is, neither can accept the others needs to fix their problem. If Jason were around and would bed Carly, she would do the same thing. All three in this triangle need professional help in my opinion.

  2. Casaundra says

    So sick of this story. Nina is a nasty lunatic. No chemistry at all with Sonny. She just wants to get back at Carly. Why would she lay with Sonny knowing he really wants Carly. Nina is such a loser. Jax never wanted her and she knew it. Sonny want s her even less and everybody knows she is just a rebound. She doesn’t even care about Wiley and was never proven to be her grandson.She does not need to be allowed around children. Nina is a psycho.

  3. Jane says

    All the comments are so true. This with Nina going after Sonny she is desperate woman

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