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Will Sam And Jason Ever Get Back Together On General Hospital?

General Hospital Jasam (Jason Morgan and Sam McCall) fans have been waiting since 2012 to have their couple reunited. Unfortunately, that has not happened so far and doesn’t look likely to. Will Sam McCall (Kelly Monaco) and Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) ever get back together?

Jasam Were Very Popular

Before Steve left the show in 2012, Jasam were a very popular couple. Sam and Jason have had a huge fanbase for years. When Sam first came to town, she wasn’t supposed to be on General Hospital for long. However, the chemistry between Sam and Jason was undeniable. Sam and Jason quickly drew fans and Bob Guza (head writer at the time) was thrilled with that.

Guza and Charles Pratt allowed Steve and Kelly to pace the relationship between Sam and Jason. This decision was one of the best that GH writers made. Kelly recently celebrated her 18th anniversary as Sam this past October. Fans were thrilled when Steve came back in 2017 because they assumed Sam and Jason would reunite. Current GH writers have not put them back together for any length of time, but why?

Are The Actors The Problem?

Rumors have circled since Steve returned to General Hospital that he and Kelly do not want to work together. Kelly and Steve worked well together before he left the show, however, things seem to have changed. Of course, while Steve was gone, the role of Jason was recast and Billy Miller took over. When Steve returned the story had to be rewritten to fit both actors in so they were made twins. Sam chose to stay with Drew Cain (Miller’s character at the time) instead of going back to Jason. When Sam and Jason finally reunited, it was extremely short-lived.

Will Sam And Jason Ever Get Back Together On General Hospital

Can This Be Rectified?

If General Hospital’s Steve is leaving again, as rumors have suggested, could a recast be a way to put the couple back together? Several GH fans loved Miller’s version of Jason while others couldn’t stand how the character was changed to suit him. Furthermore, Sam’s insistence on staying away from Jason doesn’t make sense since they originally got together over a child. Peter August (Wes Ramsey) has been the biggest threat to Sam and Jason since Jason returned to town. Will Jason’s latest experience make Sam realize how much she misses him? Will Sam and Jason ever be together again?

Diehard Jasam fans still want their couple back together and refuse to accept them with anyone else. Will GH writers give Jasam the pairing they have waited years for? Is a Jasam reunion just a long await wish that will never happen?

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  1. Jennifer C says

    I’m over Jasam! Sam very clearly left Jason what seems like the last time & I feel no matter who plays Jason, I wouldn’t want them reunited.

  2. Victoria Hughes says

    Not a chance in their lifetime. That #JaSam ship has been sailed. It’s over and done. No Jason and Sam reunion this year. I’m over with that couple. I really don’t want them back together again. Period.

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