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General Hospital (GH) Spoilers and Rumors: Billy Miller’s Return Shakes Up The GH Set As Drew Busts Peter August?

General Hospital (GH) spoilers suggest that Drew Cain (Billy Miller) could be the only person to take down Peter August (Wes Ramsey). However, Drew is supposed to be dead and he doesn’t remember Peter’s Involvement in his kidnapping from Afghanistan.

Drew Cain Is Presumed Dead

General Hospital’s Drew is presumed dead and has been for some time. Peter claims to have arranged for Peter to be killed but this is Port Charles New York and no one stays dead for long. Over half of the residents of Port Charles have been declared dead at one point in time. It is very possible that Drew could show up in town any day now with a story to tell about Mr. August. Peter did arrange for it to at least seem like Drew’s plane crashed, although now he is admitting to having Drew killed. However, Peter could have been double-crossed by his hitman as well.

Someone Needs To Rescue Maxie Jones

General Hospital’s Maxie Jones (Kirsten Storms) is about to marry Peter. Maxie has turned against family and friends because of her belief in Peter and has hurt many because of it. Maxie has argued with Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) over Peter. Maxie and Sam McCall (Kelly Monaco) have had words over him. Maxie has even threatened to end her long friendship with Damien Spinelli (Bradford Anderson) over him. Maxie has no idea what she is getting herself and her children into because he is blind to Peter’s faults. Drew could bring this little world that Peter has created crashing down by telling his story, but will he?

General Hospital (GH) Spoilers and Rumors: Billy Miller’s Return Shakes Up The GH Set As Drew Busts Peter August?

Drew Cain Could Pick Up A Lot Of Pieces

General Hospital’s Drew could support his friend Franco Baldwin (Roger Howarth) now that his brain tumor has returned. Franco could even ask Drew to take care of Liz Baldwin (Rebecca Herbst) and her boys if he doesn’t survive. However, Drew could also walk back into Sam McCall’s (Kelly Monaco) life and reunite with her now that she has broken off with Jason again. After all, there was plenty of potential for a triangle between these three that was never explored. Sam is far from the woman she was when she reunited with Jason all those years ago before he disappeared. Sam has dated a few other men and has managed to do just fine on her own.

General Hospital’s Drew could certainly shake up Port Charles by returning and save a few lives as well. Would Miller consider coming back to GH? Is Drew needed to spice things up a bit in Port Charles?

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  1. Rebecca Thompson says

    It would help Peter for Drew to come back. It would mean that Peter did not kill Drew. Peter thinks that Drew is dead. However when Peter talked about Drew’s plane crash he made a point that he did not want a body. It is possible that Drew was not on the plane for whatever reason. It has never made any sense that Peter would harm Drew. Peter wanted Drew to have his memories back. He was more than willing to give him the flash drive so that Drew could restore his memories. It would make more sense for Peter and Drew to be associates instead. Drew does not need to save Maxie from Peter. Peter loves Maxie and do better for her. It would help Franco for Drew to come back. Franco is very sick and could use the help of one who is like a brother to him. It would also help Liz and the boys. I would want Billy Miller to play Drew but I could be open to a recast. I want the situation with Drew, Franco, and Peter to go in a better direction.

  2. Redrage502 says

    If there’s no dead body always expect them to come back.
    Heck, we’ve SEEN bodies and they come back.
    I guess because so many of us love Billy Miller, and Drew, we’ve always assumed he will return. Our hearts never actually accepted he was gone.
    Getting rid of Billy Miller was NOT a popular move with a multitude of fans.
    I don’t WANT a recast, but he could ‘hold the place’ until Billy comes back.
    We know the wedding is going to blow up everything.
    I would love for Drew to crash the celebration and help bring Henrik down.

    1. Paulette Tedford says

      I agree with you! bring Billy Miller back and let him bring peter down!!!

      1. Scatlett says

        Billy needs to come back and put some excitement back in the story line

    2. Pam says

      Do you even have anyone proof read your articles. Using the word “ could “ a hundred times does not make it even remotely probably. All it does is promote your own personal opinion and unfortunately people think you have first hand knowledge

    3. I Ann says

      I think Frankie will reveal Drew’s memories to everyone . I would love to see Billy Miller back as drew and take his family back at some point but I don’t think he will come bacl after the way GH treated him . Frankie will be drew for awhile and reveal all Drew’s memories of Peter

      1. I Ann says

        No one but Billy Miller he is the. Est

  3. Rebecca Priester Litchfield says

    Billy Miller only as Drew Cain. Other wise leave him gone. Love me some Billy

  4. Billy Miller only as Drew Cain.

  5. Yes Billy Miller

  6. Helen Williams says

    Hope drew do come back

  7. michele rule says

    i would absolutely LOVE, LOVE for drew to come back.

    1. CarolynT777 says

      Jake Doe Drew Cain should stay dead as a doornail. As far as him getting back with Sam. He can have her sorry behind. Jason is to good for her. JaSam fans have left the building. We refuse to let the suits at GH, especially FV. and the sorry GH writers play us for fools again. He hated that Steve came back to play the role that only He could play, and mad as hell that the casting of BM as Jason was the biggest bust in GH history. The fans are leaving in droves anyway. ?

    2. Carla Donelson says

      That,would be another one, of GH biggest mistake ever. it was bad enough the legendary character of Jason Morgan was recast in the first place. But I know people.don’t like to hear, or believe this.Billy Miller was not happy that Steve Burton.came back.don’t many times they say it ain’t showed.from the (Real Jason)reveal until he walked onto,that elevator and the doors closed. that was his best performance.since joining the show.and turning Jason Morgan, character.into a love struck clown.who couldn’t let (Kelly )oops I mean Sam out of his sight. and yes showed.he was not pleased with the character, changed.imo he took it personal.from the hospital scene with Steve.after the fight. at the police station.he passed by Sam like he was pissed IRL after that what ever interaction Drew had with Sam’s character, he couldn’t.even look at her.but he was bitter.knowing he wasn’t gonna be paired with Kelly anymore, took a toll on him.imo after that.he was grumpy, you could barely, him speak. and he absolutely didn’t want to work.with another woman..again yes it showed. that new year’s kiss. Drew had with Kim.was heartbreaking for him. I think after that he was only wanted to interact with Oscar and was just waiting on his contract, to end.or he asked to be let out of it.either way, good riddance. hope peter’s plan was a success.and I hope that character Drew never ever ever, comes back.he was lucky they created a new character for him.any other actor would’ve been killed off for being an imposter for 5 years..

    3. Redrage502 says

      Oh yes! Since that day he walked away that’s what I’ve wished for.
      I totally LOVED Luke Spencer and hated it when Tony had his final exit. But he was retiring, and we were prepared.
      Billy Miller is so terrific fans miss him all the time and want him back.
      It would be great if he can be the reason Henrik’s tower of lies come tumbling down.
      Fingers crossed.

      1. LadyChris says

        I hope he never comes back, but if he do. I don’t see a purpose for his character even though the rumor mill is saying Kim is on her way back so it can be another boring love triangle between her and Sam, but again who cares his voice and character is boring as hell, but I am sute Sam will be smiling again. I use to love het charactet, but she lost her backbone and has become such a negative miserable Nancy. I just want Sonny home getting tired of him wiping tables and looking lost. What a waste for his character. Cyrus has to go, Gh have too many stories going and not enough completed. Need to get better or my 40 yrs of watching will come to an end. I need stories tied up before they start with another Ryan mess.

  8. Lesley K Fitzpatrick says

    Would Love To See Drew Cain Come Back & Ruin Peter August Life Completely He
    Is The Best One To Destroy Peter’s Life
    Plans, & Help Maxie Through Her Disappointment About Her Trust In Peter.
    Now That Anna Knows Alex Was Really
    Peter’s Mother & That He Is Just Like
    Faison (A Creep) & His Mom Alex (Deranged). & Anna Knows Peter Is A
    Total MESS!

  9. Leslie Wood says

    Billy Miller needs to come back!!

  10. SS says

    He is absolutely a required presence in Port Charles!

  11. Leslie VanDeusen says

    Yes Drew is definitely needed back but only if it’s Billy Miller. It’s time for him to see his daughter and work things out with Sam.

    1. Peggy says

      Yes I agree completely

  12. JLBW says

    jasam fans talk about not watching. Well, Billy Miller was the top actor on soaps when his character lost everything. Drew/Billy fans did leave. If Drew played ONLY by Billy returned there would be a party like you have never seen here used to be hundreds online nightly talking about Killy’s characters. I was over the moon happy when we found out he wasn’t cold blooded killer Jason. That meant he never threatened Sam’s life or wanted her to have an abortion. YES please, it is time for our fave to return and hug his daughter and make the Quartermaine family even stronger. Tomorrow is three years since Killy live, which was a huge success. Perfect time to bring Mr. Miller home where he belongs. Sure would make a lot of people very happy!

  13. april miller says

    yes definitely bring Billy Miller back as Drew Cain if he’s recast only make temporary until Billy Miller comes back!! but definitely bring Drew back prefer Billy Miller but making Drew alive would be a start

  14. april miller says

    yes definitely bring Billy Miller back as Drew Cain if he’s recast only make temporary until Billy Miller comes back!! but definitely bring Drew back prefer Billy Miller but making Drew alive would be a start

  15. Alice Scott says

    it would be nice to see Billy Miller back.

  16. Terri Everett says


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