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Is General Hospital Getting A New Jason Morgan?

General Hospital rumors suggest that Steve Burton may be exiting his role as Jason Morgan. Is General Hospital recasting the role?

Steve Has Left Before

Steve packed up and left General Hospital in 2012 amid the much-anticipated reunion with Sam McCall (Kelly Monaco) after her son Danny Morgan (Porter Fascullo) was returned to her. Although there were several conflicting stories at the time including the fact that Burton wanted to work fewer days and have a fly-in clause because he lived in Tennessee at the time. However, just a few months after his exit from General Hospital, Burton took a job at The Young and The Restless playing Dylan McAvoy.

It was assumed that Steve followed his friend Jill Farren Phelps to The Young And The Restless when she took over as Executive Producer there. Burton also won an award for Outstanding Supporting Actor In A Drama Series while working at The Young And The Restless. Steve also voiced the character of Cloud Strife in several products such as Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children and the Kingdom Hearts series. Burton returned to GH in 2017 as patient six and was later revealed to be Jason Morgan.

Jason Has Been Recast As Well

General Hospital’s Jason has been recast before as well. Billy Miller was hired in 2014 to play the role of Jason at the urging of Kelly Monaco, who plays Sam McCall. Kelly was convinced after meeting Billy that he would be a good Jason and the role was recast. However, not everyone bought into this recast and always knew that something was off with the character. Fans were eventually proven right when the writers changed Miller’s character into Drew Cain (now played by Cameron Mathison), Jason’s unknown twin brother.

Is General Hospital Getting A New Jason Morgan?

Could Jason Be Recast Again?

In the world of soap operas, any actor can be replaced. General Hospital has replaced Burton before and could easily do it again. It is doubtful that Miller would return in the role at this point but honestly, there is a better way to fix this. The fastest fix to have Jason Morgan would be to make Drew Cain the real Jason. This would certainly explain Jason’s change from the Stone Cold enforcer fans have loved all of these years. Jason has not acted like himself since his return so this could certainly be one way to fix it. Another fix would be Drew’s face being damaged and him needing another reconstructive surgery making Drew and Jason look alike again. Mathison could then play both roles.

Will Jason be recast if Burton leaves again? Does GH even need a recast since Jason could simply be killed off the show? Could Mathison simply play both roles so that neither character is lost? It seems that fans will learn very soon what the powers in charge have decided to do.

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  1. Kimie says

    I’d like to know if GH is trying to get cancelled 😡you can see most of the fans are against loosening Steve aka Jason (covid shot or not he is the best ) it is a free country or it use to every one should decide what they put in there body 😡so if Steve leaves aka Jason I will not be giving my time to GH after 40years 😡

    1. Scarlett says

      Me too! If Steve goes I’m done. I started watching when Luke owned the campus disco

    2. Nan says

      People like you is why cases are going up again

    3. Shar says

      I am seriously thinking about leaving to he is the best character on the show along with Carly. Those two are Irreplaceable. Jason and Carly are the best. You can get rid of Nina.

    4. Sharlene says

      I dislike what the writers are doing to this show, it’s not as good as it used to be. Getting rid of Jason is number 1, number 2 get rid of NINA. Do not replace JASON.

  2. Kimie says

    Steve is Jason GH is crazy if they loose such a actor as Steve get it together GH or you will be off the air like the rest of the abc soaps😡😡cause all your doing is making the fans mad 😡🤬

  3. […] Steve left the show in 2012, Jasam were a very popular couple. Sam and Jason have had a huge fanbase for years. When Sam first came to town, she wasn’t supposed to be on General Hospital for long. […]

  4. Judy In South Carolina says

    I totally agree with the posts that I’ve read so far – I can’t think of one person I know that is going to 1) accept ANYONE playing Jason but Steve Burton 2) accept one more GH story line (especially involving Jason) with drastic plastic surgery explanation for a recast or 3) accept that Jason is “really, very, surely dead”. (Credit to The Wizard of Oz for stealing that even if it wasn’t word perfect!)

    I am watching the 11/19/21 “The Talk” on my DVR (it was dedicated to the Soap Hub Awards) and so far Burton hasn’t MENTIONED leaving GH. Not sure when this show was taped, however, since they didn’t open the show with any current news of the day.

  5. Misty says

    I can accept a Jason recast but not immediately. He would have to be a strong person, more like the stone cold Jason. Recasting Drew as Jason is not acceptable. He should be Drew. It would not be fair to Scout. All you writers want to do is move characters from one name to another and expect the audience to believe your crazy writing. I Mdo not think the fans have accepted Austin yet. You should have picked something better for him. It is okay if Jax is played by Trevor St. John from One Life To Life. Recasting Jason to fast would be a let down. You better think again about your choice of a Jason recast or you will lose all of your fans.

    1. Diane says

      If he is happy not being on GH anymore I am fine with it. They should cast the Guy that looks like him on the Hallmark channel

  6. Victoria Hughes says

    I do not accept a Jason Morgan recast this year. Pretty please keep Steve Burton on General Hospital!! Because there’s only one Jason Morgan…and that’s the one, the only…Steve Burton!! Period!! Thank you!!

  7. Stacey says

    I’m done with GH! We will never know the out come of Jason and Britt now! Nancy Grahn she can quit! GH and Nancy you took someone’s livelihood from them and their freedom of choice! I stand with Steve and Ingo! Their body their choice! GH you will lose a lot of viewers! 😡😡😡

  8. Mrsdmh says

    Recasting Jason will be hard. The actor they have for Drew I don’t like him they should have got the Madison back. I didn’t like when they got rid of Franko and then he came back has a new character.

  9. Laura Markevics says

    I think that Steve burton should have gotten the vaccine. He. Is being unfair to other people on the show and putting them at risk. I am sorry to see him go but he needs to be reasonable about being vaccinated. I think that gh should recast a new actor for the role of Jason. I also think that gh should stop trying to make sonny into Mike and stop trying to push sonny and Nina. I do not like sonny at all with Nina. Sonny and carly belong together. Sonny and carly have been through a lot together. Carly put her life on the line to save sonny s business. Nina went with sonny to spite carly and jax. She doesn’t have proof thatnelle le is her daughter. Nina is a nut job. Sonny turned to Nina because he lost his memory. Sonny also has a family with carly. Sonny has always loved carly. What Nina and sonny had was infatuation not live. What sonny and carly has is real. If gh does not stop trying to push Nina and sonny. They will lose more viewers. Everyone or at least the majority of fans tune in to see carly and sonny. Nina does nothing for the show. Gh has made a lot of mistakes with their storylines. They should have never broken up Sam and Jason. I really do not like Jason and Britt. I could see Britt with drew and Sam with Jason. I also think that it is a huge mistake for them to bring brad back and I think it is ridiculous for ms Wu to expect sonny and his family to forgive brad after what he did to them Also bring Peter to justice and let maxie get her baby back. Give maxie a chance with Austin. Let Sasha and brando s baby live and be okay. Sasha and brando have suffered enough with what they went through with cyrus and gladys I would like for gh to find out if the other prisoner where drew was is holly robert scorpio s ex girlfriend. Please also let someone expose esme and bring her to justice before she harms anyone else. Let spencer learn to accept Ava as his father’s wife and stop being spiteful. I would like to see spencer dump esme and be with trina

    1. Silvana De Nardis says

      Well written post !!!

  10. Bettie R Clark says

    Steve has already had COVID and has fought it off. His body has produced what is needed to protect him. You let Morgan go and Brenda Oscar and even Jake’s is gone. Soon there will nothing left. DO NOT I repeat DO NOT replace Steve Like you did with nicholas this guy is not Nick and now you might recast the part of Jason with some sub par person who will never be Jason

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