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General Hospital Spoilers: GH Alum Sarah Joy Brown Shares Video Of Her Scary Christmas Eve

ABC General Hospital spoilers divulge that alum Sarah Joy Brown (Carly Corinthos, Claudia Zacchara) had a very scary encounter on Christmas Eve in Studio City, California. Brown posted some disturbing footage of the verbal and physical attack. It was just weeks ago that the daytime star suffered the loss of her father.

Brown has also appeared on As the World Turns, The Bold and the Beautiful, and Days of our Lives.

General Hospital Spoilers – Sarah Joy Brown Shares Disturbing Event

Brown filmed the video at a Studio City, California, shopping center. In it an unidentified elderly, balding man is swinging a package at, and yelling obscenities at, the actress. Brown revealed that her face was injured in the attack.

“He actually managed to break the skin on my face with that package he was striking me in the head with.” Now the actress is asking anyone who might recognize the man to come forward with identifying information.

General Hospital Spoilers – Sarah Joy Brown Is Asking For The Public’s Help

According to Brown the attack was unprovoked and began when the man cut in line in front of her inside the store. “He cut in front of me in a line at a store and I told him that wasn’t ok and took my place in line. He went [crazy] for no reason at all by shouting obscenities at me for five minutes so I started to film him and you see how that went.”

General Hospital Spoilers – Sarah Joy Brown Raised Concern Among Her Peers

Patrika Darbo, who played Nancy Wesley on Days of our Lives and Shirley Spectra on The Bold and the Beautiful responded to Brown’s stunning post.

She asked if Sarah was okay and if the individual had been apprehended. Brown responded, “I’m ok yes. Thank you. He didn’t get arrested and no one was helping but the only person standing there was an older woman. I shared it hoping it would get around and someone in LA would recognize him. I’m sure he’s done it before, unlikely he’s normally a nice man. Zero reason for this.”

Brown debuted the character Carly Corinthos which is now played by Laura Wright. She quickly became a fan fave and after she left fans clamored for her return. She came back to the ABC sudser as Claudia Zacchara and fans had a divided reaction to seeing the familiar actress in a new role.

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