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General Hospital News Update: TBT Sends Valentin and Martin Back In Time To The White House

General Hospital’s Valentin Cassadine (James Patrick Stuart) and Martin Gray (Michael E. Knight) have been bantering back and forth for years which makes their onscreen relationship seem all the more believable. Did their days in Pine Valley, on All My Children carry over to General Hospital?

Throw Back To The Early Nineties

General Hospital’s Stuart used to play Will Cortland on AMC. Knight played Tad “the Cad” Martin until 2011. By the early 1990s, Tad was married to Dixie Cooney (Cady McClain), who now plays Jennifer Horton on Days of Our Lives. Will was, of course, Dixie’s brother turned bad who evidentially met his demise.

However, the stars found out they had a very prominent fan when they were invited to the White House by Barbara Bush. The first lady, at the time, of course, was married to the 41st President George H. W. Bush. To commemorate the occasion, Stuart tagged Knight in an Instagram post “Christmas At The White House 1990. Of course, Christmas as the White House would thrill anyone, especially when the first lady is a fan.

The White House Still Hosts Parties

Although the White House still hosts parties, soap operas are not something usually celebrated there. However, it is fun to look back on the days when soaps were held in high regard even with the first lady. It had to be a thrilling experience to rub elbows and of course, take pictures with Mrs. Bush. Both Stuart and Knight look almost too young in their photo. Mrs. Bush would probably be happy to know that All My Children is looking to get a reboot in prime time.

What’s Up With Valentin and Martin?

While the General Hospital stars reminisce about their Christmas decades ago, Martin and Valentin have made up in Port Charles. Valentin was a bit shocked to find out that his friend is the brother of Cyrus Renault (Jeff Kober). Martin has promised that he has no part in her brother’s business. Now that the two men are working together again, what ventures might they get into? Valentin is very worried about his daughter at the moment because of Dante Falconeri’s (Dominic Zamprogna) strange actions. Will Valentin try to keep Dante out of his daughter’s life? How will Valentin feel when he learns that Laura Collins (Genie Frances) is the sister of Cyrus as well?

It is nice to see General Hospital’s Stuart share memories from easier times. This years’ celebration at the White House may not be the same, at least we have the memories from years past to see us through.

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  1. Sunshine says

    General hospital who care that nobody want to see NA happy they holding grudges against them and it’s not fair whole lot ppl had the fair share of mistake why holding against AN I hope gh really give it to them holding against everybody make mistake ppl in port Charles not exactly perfect while holding AN I’m so sick of ppl don’t have to like them well I do deal with it stop trying hold AN for it when there plenty of ppl in port Charles keep secret they not the only one so they need to shut the hell up I hope they do get their happiness ppl while a while go sit down and stop trying break up deal with it or stop watch but don’t ruin it for the rest of us so shut up about AN I don’t want to hear ppl might not like them now but they will if they open their eyes and give a chance the problem is they not give a chance

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