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GH Spoilers: Which Quartermaine Will Figure Out The Bailey Secret First? Vote Now!

General Hospital spoilers reveal the Quartermaine family falling more and more in love with Baby Bailey Louise, but one of them has to figure out what’s really going on soon, right? There’s no way they are all that blind, but which one will it be? You tell us!

General Hospital Spoilers: The Case For Olivia Quartermaine

Perhaps Olivia (Lisa LoCicero) will use some of those detective skills she used to try to prove Tracy (Jane Eliott) set up Alexis (Nancy Lee Grahn) for drunk driving. Olivia even used those skills to then figure out why Tracy did what she did — Alexis slept with her husband. Olivia also knows Brook Lynn (Amanda Setton) is good at playing tricks. Surely, she will figure out that Bailey is not Brook’s daughter at some point. Maybe even first.

The Case For Monica Quartermaine

Monica (Leslie Charleson) is one tough cookie and not much gets by her. She is usually able to tell when someone is lying right away but has yet to figure out that Brook is lying about Bailey. Does she just love having a baby around so much she can’t see what’s right in front of her eyes? That can’t go on for long and Monica is likely to get a clue about what Brook is up to.

The Case For Ned Quartermaine

A father should know his daughter well, right? Can’t he tell Brook is telling a major fib here and was never actually pregnant? Nothing seems weird about the situation at all? No, Ned (Wally Kurth) has to figure it out. He is usually savvy except when he sleeps with Alexis and doesn’t bother telling Olivia. When he does figure it out, Brook better run.

GH Spoilers: Which Quartermaine Will Figure Out The Bailey Secret First? Vote Now!

The Case For Tracy Quartermaine

Can’t you just see Granny making a grand return to town, walking into Monica’s house, taking one look at that baby, and telling Brook that there’s no way Bailey is hers? We can only dream of such a delicious moment. Tracy is no fool and has tricked more people than Brook could ever dream of. Tracy might make Brook’s worst fears come true if she decides to return to town soon. So, which Q will figure it out? Let us know in the General Hospital poll below.

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    I can’t wait till Britt finds out she has a niece.

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