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General Hospital News Updates: Vanessa Marcil Credits Brenda and Sonny for What Huge Milestone?

ABC General Hospital spoilers reveal that former Brenda Barrett portrayer Vanessa Marcil has been sharing her personal life with fans on social media lately. Her latest Insta post includes a picture of the actress as a young girl giving her father a big hug.

General Hospital spoilers – Vanessa Marcil is sharing her life story with her fans

She captioned the pic with a very poignant message that starts out: “Working w @mauricebenard helped me to heal my broken heart over my father not loving me. Hours and hours of free therapy I was gifted through the Brenda & Sonny love story.”

Sonny and Brenda were a true star-crossed love story on GH. While Marcil has not portrayed Brenda Barrett for years, Maurice Benard continues to play the character of Sonny Corinthos.

Benard is a prominent mental health advocate. He has often shared his story of being diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder in his 20s. Today he hosts a weekly YouTube show, State of Mind, where he talks about his journey and addresses mental health issues.

General Hospital spoilers – Vanessa Marcil credits her professional life in helping her come to terms with Reality

Vanessa then went on to share a bit of her personal life in her post by saying, “Along with three hours of traditional therapy every week for the last 30+ years and that part wasn’t free ? Is it worth it? It all depends on what you want out of this life.”

Vanessa ended her post by noting, “I want change. Live for yourself. Follow your dreams. That is the best gift you can give your children imho because they will then copy you and go after THEIR dreams one day. What do you want out of this life?”

General Hospital News Updates: Vanessa Marcil Credits Brenda and Sonny for What Huge Milestone?

General Hospital spoilers – Sonny Corinthos and Brenda Barrett were a GH super couple

Marcil’s post engendered all sorts of touching messages with one fan writing, “Yeah it sure does hurt when you want love from your father and don’t get it. I know I was a wanted child at conception but mine sure left and never looked back when my parents divorced. It’s just so weird to know a parent can shut down their heart like that.”

Another wrote, “Because of reading a past post it made me finally seek a therapist and it’s made me a happier person. Seeing this post makes me think of my mom, I’ve never felt good enough for her. My dad passed on 8/20/20 and it’s been a heavy loss for me because I was so much closer to him than my mom and it hurts so much more.”

And one fan shared this: “Aww. I have been soul searching this past week. My dad passed on 8/29/2020… so much I would’ve have done differently, in our relationship.”

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  1. May says

    I wish to god they would bring her back to GH her visit has been long overdue so is Shiloh I miss them yep even Shiloh too

  2. angela says

    Please bring Brenda back to GH her and Sonny were such a great loving couple. They really made the ratings high. Brenda & Sonny forever.

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