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GH Spoilers: Maxie Needs A Man, Who Should It Be? Vote Now!

General Hospital (GH) spoilers reveal Maxie continuing to hide her baby with the Quartermaines and Brook Lynn continuing to freak out that Austin will recognize the baby she is calling Bailey. But this is a soap, so she will need a new man soon. Who should it be? You tell us!

General Hospital Spoilers: Is Austin The Man For Maxie?

Maxie Jones and Austin Holt already know each other well — or at least he knows her very well as their first encounter was in the woods when he delivered her baby, who she now claims was kidnapped. And somehow they keep running into one another. Brook (Amanda Setton) has already told Maxie that he’s sure that Austin is into her and she might be right.

They had some great banter back and forth when they had lunch at the Metro Court pool and we can see the chemistry between Roger Howarth and Kirsten Storms. After that wretched pairing with Peter August (Wes Ramsey) nobody wanted except apparently the writers, Maxie needs someone she can both laugh with and match wits with. Peter was decidedly NOT that person, as he barely ever cracked a smile, much less laughed — unless it was an evil laugh. And he was still laughing that evil laugh this week in Nixon Falls.

It’s clear the show isn’t going to try to see if lightning will strike twice between Howarth and Rebecca Herbst and pair Austin with Elizabeth as they seem to be going full speed ahead with Hamilton Finn (Michael Easton). Maxie needs someone. Austin needs someone and this could work.

GH Spoilers: Maxie Needs A Man, Who Should It Be? Vote Now!

But What About Spixie?

Yes, Maxie needs someone, but so does Damien Spinelli (Bradford Anderson)now that he’s lost Ellie. Maxie and Spinelli shared a love before and even share a child. They know each other well and can practically read each other’s thoughts. The couple even had a following and most importantly, Spinelli is not Peter August.

Then again, Spinelli still seems to come and go as he pleases and is messed up with the mob as always. If Ellie couldn’t handle that and even Sam grew weary of it, does Maxie really want a life of being beholden to the Corinthos Crime Family? Let us know who you think Maxie should be with in the General Hospital poll below.

  1. Erik Stone says

    Maybe Austin or Drew could be the new girlfriend for Lulu, Britt or Chloe.

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