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GH Spoilers and Rumors: Peter Kidnaps Bailey To Get Revenge on Valentin?

GH Spoilers and Rumors: Peter Kidnaps Bailey To Get Revenge on Valentin?General Hospital (GH) spoilers and updates tease that things are heating up in Port Charles especially now that Peter August (Wes Ramsey) is back. Will he take out his anger on Valentin for giving him a false tip by kidnapping “Bailey”?

Peter has been throwing threats across Nina Reeves’s (Cynthia Watros) direction ever since he showed up in Nixon Falls. He told her that if he didn’t work with him, he’ll take James West (Curtis and Owen Rufca) instead of “Bailey Quartermaine” aka Louise August (Harper and Scarlett Bloom). Will Peter make good on his threats if Nina won’t do what he says?

Fans may recall that Nina gave Peter a phony tip about getting a lead from Valentin so she could lead him to St. Lucia. Peter may believe that Nina and Valentin set him up. He’ll remind Nina that he knows that he asked Liesl Obrecht (Kathleen Gati) to kill him.

He’ll reveal that Liesl has been taken care of and now, he may be planning ways to handle Nina. This could be the reason why he wants to take revenge on the latter by kidnapping “Bailey,” who is actually Louise, the child that Maxie Jones (Kirsten Storms) gave up at birth.

Valentin Receives Creepy Phone Call

Spoilers hint that Valentin will receive a phone call that will cause him to panic. Could the phone call come from Peter? After the conversation, Peter will immediately talk to Anna Devane (Finola Hughes).

Ava May Be Forced To Leave Avery

Ava Jerome (Maura West) will have no choice but to leave Avery Corinthos (Laura Wright). She doesn’t want to put Avery in harm’s way. She may have to address the custody issue with Carly Corinthos (Laura Wright). The latter may want official documents to be drawn up to support her taking full custody of Avery. Will Ava be ready to give up parental rights?

GH Spoilers and Rumors: Peter Kidnaps Bailey To Get Revenge on Valentin?

Jordan Thanks Curtis

Jordan Ashford (Briana Nicole Henry) will be grateful to Curtis Ashford (Donnell Turner) for saving her life. The latter isn’t making a big deal out of it since he still has feelings for her. Jordan will have a serious conversation with Austin Gatlin Holt (Roger Howarth) about her health. He’ll tell her about her kidney problems and she needs to get dialysis if her condition doesn’t improve.

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  1. Pat Mitchell Bryant says

    Let’s not go there ok … Peter needs to be caught and soon.

  2. charles david haskell says

    It is ironic if this article is true. Peter August doesn’t know that when he kidnaps Bailey that she is really his missing daughter Louise. I totally agree that Peter needs to be caught and lock up forever in a prison where he can’t escape from which both won’t work. He will alway manage to escape and manage to cause all kind of trouble.

  3. Barbara says

    I think that Peter needs to be taken out. No-one is safe as long as he is alive. Putting him in prison won’t work. He will manage to escape. Except if they put him Steinmauer. He better not take Bailey. Because that would Maxie’s worst nightmare comming true.

    1. Emma Jo Rust says

      I agree ,Taken out for good, but we know he will take Louise before this happens. He can not be redeemed so no way to keep Wes on GH!.

      1. Doc says

        For some reason I like him as a villain he is a great actor loved when he went from good to bad in an instant although he is now cruel if he kidnaps the baby maybe his soft side will emerge

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