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General Hospital (GH) Spoilers: Peter’s Confession To Franco – What Will Happen With The Recording?

General Hospital (GH) spoilers tease that Franco Baldwin (Roger Howarth) was able to do something that no one else in Port Charles could manage. While many Port Charles residents have tried over the last couple of years to get a confession from Peter August (Wes Ramsey). Peter has long been suspected in the murder of Drew Cain (Billy Miller) and other crimes, but he has always managed to destroy any evidence that could link his to his criminal endeavors. But after the most recent confrontation between Franco and Peter, the truth finally came out!

General Hospital Spoilers – Did the dark “Franco” personality come back?

As viewers know, Franco is once again suffering from a brain tumor. His first tumor, which was successfully surgically removed, caused Franco to exhibit the personality of a dangerous serial killer who just went by the name “Franco”. Franco terrorized several Port Charles residents in that state, but once the tumor was removed, Franco no longer had murderous impulses. But now that the tumor has come back, many people are worried that Franco will once again become the monster that he was before. So far, Franco has remained the good man that he’s become since the tumor was removed.

General Hospital Spoilers – Franco Baldwin gave Peter August quite a performance!

Realizing that Drew’s memories prove that Peter was much more than just an unwilling accomplice, Franco decided to take matters into his own hands. He kidnapped Peter, pretending that his murderous persona had once again taken over! It didn’t take long before Franco had convinced Peter that he was about to kill him if he didn’t own up to his crimes. Peter spilled his guts, and after revealing he had recorded the confession he dropped the act. He planned too give the recording to the proper authorities, but it doesn’t seem likely that had a chance to send to anyone because Peter freed himself and got control of his gun back from Franco.

General Hospital (GH) Spoilers: Peter's Confession To Franco - What Will Happen With The Recording?

General Hospital Spoilers – Will Peter August kill Franco Baldwin?

What happens next is unclear for now, but spoilers suggest that Franco may be dead, or at least seriously injured and won’t be able to share the recording of Peter’s confession to anyone. Peter will most certainly delete the incriminating recording if given the chance. But that doesn’t mean he was successful, nor is it certain that Franco didn’t have a chance to electronically send the recording to a third party. Peter may believe he’s once again destroyed all the evidence against him, but what if Franco did manage to send the proof of Peter’s guilt to an unknown third party. If that’s the case then Franco might get the last laugh after all!

General Hospital Spoilers – What do you think?

Will Peter kill Franco in cold blood. Did Peter manage to destroy all evidence of his confession? Or is there another copy out there that Franco managed to send out before Peter got free? Will Peter continue to get away with murder. Loose ends will always end up being exposed in Port Charles so stay tuned to General Hospital airing weekdays on ABC. And don’t forget to check back regularly right here for all your General Hospital news, information and spoilers!

  1. Fire says

    These writers need to stop I’m serious about making them pay they ppl alone now they trying to turn people against each other especially Marcus I promise these writers will pay I told them to stop destroy each damn thing and I meant it writers don’t want to mess with me leave ppl alone writers you did enough stop turn ppl against each other just stop it I told y’all once time I’m not going to keep telling y’all either need to stop while the ahead they going to far viewers not writing the story the writers is leave Marcus and his story alone he don’t deserve this just leave him where he at maybe he happy in the story he is in so leave it

    1. Naomi Mckinnon says

      Peter need to be caught for murder Franco wish there is another way get evidence on Peter it better be soon before he doing again. Maxie need to know the whole truth on Peter. He the man she thinks he is

    2. Sandy Mills says

      Please let Robert find the tape that Liz gave Franco

  2. Linda Daley says

    Somehow the recording of Peter’s Confession will reach someone very important WHO is the answer!! I think that person is GOING TO BE “DREW”, yes Drew will come back in time to get Jason from being blamed for Franco’s murder!! Now how is the question, with the help of Spinelli getting the confession off of Franco’s phone (even though Peter deleted it, I think), Spinelli is a Computer WIZ , and he’ll find it one way or another?? I also think we will lose someone else during this, but I hope I’m wrong!! Peter will eventually get What’s coming to him, but I think by causing the death of someone else who protects Jason in a battle with Peter!! The person I think who save’s Jason’s life is OMG I have a Brain Freeze, she’s a Dr., daughter of Liel Ol’Brek (s.p.) she end’s up dying or almost dies??? Do you think I’m RIGHT???

    1. Diane837 says

      I think it should be Cameron who Franco sent the message to the tape they had a beautiful trusting relationship

  3. Linda Daley says

    error sorry!!!

    1. Dragon 8071 says

      For one thing the writers really think that we’re stupid now even though Peter deleted the recording but that phone is an iPhone so that means that Franco had an iPhone cloud account All text messages and voice recordings and phone numbers are all stored there and since Elizabeth was Franco’s wife she should know the password and username if not give the information to Spinelli he could crack it and they will be able to hear the confession of Peter admitting having Drew murdered

  4. Barbara says

    Peter did kill Franco. He also erased the tape. I doubt whether Franco got to send the confession. I hope that Peter gets caught.

    1. Naomi Mckinnon says

      Peter need to go he cold blood murder. Jason didn’t even kill Franco the truth hope come soon .he got guilty look on his face. Hope Maxie see that

    2. Jorina says

      Its an apple phone, maybe erased from the phone but not in the cloud…..

  5. Anne Lyons says


  6. rebel says

    That is a fabulous thought of Franco sending the confession to someone. Maybe to Jason since he was looking for him earlier, before he kidnapped Peter. Spinelli should be able to find it. Maybe Franco sent it to Scotty. Since Scotty was working with Obrect.

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  8. Valkiera says

    I think that most of this has already been on air and many of these articles are just speculation and not facts. I’m just looking for a recap not your guess on what’s happening next. But I do appreciate the writers that edit their work.

    1. Delores says

      Just hurry and lock Peter up please

  9. Laura Markevics says

    I don t think franco is dead. I think that they saved franco and took a corpse made it. Look like him so cameron liz and everybody would think he s dead. I think anna valentin jason robert are in on it. They are setting peter up and are going to get him and either arrest him or kill him. Liesl is also in on it and she will help franco. Sonny will get his memory back and come back to carly

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  11. I absolutely LOVED the scene of Henrick and Franco in his art studio! GH writers and Roger’s acting was STELLAR! I giggled and laughed for days, and still smile remembering it. However, I am quite upset Franco was killed off. I really enjoyed his relationship with Elizabeth and her sons ~ Nice family.

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