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General Hospital Spoilers: Taggert And Jordan Hookup When Real Andrews Return

General Hospital spoilers and updates reveal Marcus Taggert (Real Andrews) and Jordan Ashford (Briana Nicole Henry) have been friends for years. Jordan and Taggert were partners who relied on each other to stay alive. Will Jordan and Taggert hookup when Real Andrews returns to the role?

An Instagram Hint?

General Hospital’s Real Andrews announced on January 7th that he was back taping as Marcus Taggert, a role recently filled by Asante Jones. Taggert and Jordan have been close for years. Now Portia Robinson (Brook Kerr) has read Taggert the riot act over faking his death and Curtis Ashford (Donnell Turner) is disgusted with his wife. Jordan and Taggert have no one to lean on but each other.

Real questioned if Jordan and Taggert should hook up, fans wonders if they should. Some fans speculate that Jordan and Taggert had hooked up years ago while working together. However, that doesn’t seem to be the case so far. Now, not only are Jordan and Taggert connected through work but both of them are grieving Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard), the mob boss who has helped them both. Now that Sonny is presumed dead, will that push Taggert and Jordan into an affair?

Will Their Families Understand?

General Hospital spoilers suggest that Portia and Curtis will renew their connection as well. Both Portia and Curtis feel hurt and betrayed by Jordan and Taggert. Portia and Curtis feel completely betrayed by their significant others. After all, Taggert has lied to Portia for years just like she kept her affair with Curtis from him.

Now that the truth is likely to come out, Taggert and Jordan are going to be pushed that much closer. If Portia and Curtis reconnect, it only makes sense for Jorgan and Taggert to be together. Jordan and Taggert are much more open with each other. Jordan and Taggert are both in the same profession. Taggert and Jordan are friends.


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Could Jordan And Taggert Be Long Term?

Chances are that General Hospital’s Jordan and Taggert aren’t going to be a long term pairing. However, the two could certainly provide a distraction for each other while they are fighting with their family members. Jordan and Taggert may also be able to brainstorm some ideas on getting rid of Cyrus Renault (Jeff Kober). Will Jordan and Taggert hookup after all these years? Can Jordan and Taggert eventually put their families back together?

Both Jordan and Taggert have a lot weighing on their shoulders, especially with Sonny missing and Cyrus running roughshod over Port Charles. Will the two former partners work together again soon? Could Jordan even hire her former partner and potential lover to work for the PCPD?

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  1. Sunshine says

    I wish GH would stop bring people back from the dead stop GH and I mean it they are dead let them stay dead goodness I’m sick of GH being people back from the dead until they play another character stop bring people back it’s not right they use this storyline too many time they got stop this shit this don’t even happen in real life stop bring ppl back from the dead stop using that storyline it’s time to move on I’m so of GH being ppl back leave well enough alone I’m tired of that so something different for a change

  2. Purple chair says

    GH is going to fucking mess up my story if they keep bring ppl back I want my story writers trying to fuck everything up no don’t do that I want my story writers don’t mess up my story leave it alone you know what I’m talking about not until I get what I want writers now STOP don’t do it yet plz I be fucking up everything

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