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General Hospital Spoilers: Sonny and Carly Join Forces to Protect Jason — and Nina Panics

General Hospital: Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) and Carly Spencer (Laura Wright)

General Hospital spoilers tease that Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) and Carly Spencer (Laura Wright) are on opposite sides of the fence right now where Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) is concerned, but they won’t be for long.

Sonny is fuming with fury and concerned that his one-time brother from another mother is responsible for shooting his son, Dante Falconeri (Dominic Zamprogna).

While Carly is busy defending Jason’s honorable nature, Sonny is questioning everything that has happened the last few years.

But the two of them are about to come together for the betterment of their long-lost best friend when the evidence clears him of any guilt, and their reunion will leave Nina Reeves Corinthos (Cynthia Watros) out in the cold more than ever before.

General Hospital Spoilers — Michael Comes Clean

Michael Corinthos (Chad Duell) has heard enough. Jason has shared all that he can, and it’s enough for Michael to take the truth to his parents.

As soon as the words roll off his lips, Carly will feel validated and affirmed for having defended him, and Sonny will be kicking himself for needing to hear Michael’s rendition of Jason’s confession to know he was innocent.

The details Michael shares will change everything — and that change will have a ripple effect on Sonny’s marriage.

General Hospital: Jason Morgan (Steve Burton)

GH Spoilers Claim Sonny Recoils Out of Guilt

Sonny knows how to ride out a guilt trip. Right now, he’s brewing with guilt over his son being shot and feeling like he’s culpable in it. But when he learns the truth about Jason’s absence and what happened to Dante, he’ll feel even worse for entertaining the idea that Jason could have done this to his family.

In an attempt to smooth out his own guilty conscience, Sonny will work to find Jason and get him out from under the thumb of his captor — and he’ll do it with Carly’s help.

General Hospital Spoilers — Nina Goes Postal

We know better than to think Carly will let Sonny try to rescue Jason without her assistance. She’s not just going to sit by and wait, or she’ll go out of her mind.

That’s going to hit Nina like a punch to the gut when she learns Sonny has not only been confiding in her best friend, Ava Jerome (Maura West), but now he’s reopened the lines of trust and communication with his ex-wife — her arch enemy and biggest threat.

How low might Nina stoop to get Sonny’s attention and divert it away from Carly at such a dangerous time when their focus needs to be on Jason? Keep checking back with us for more General Hospital news and spoilers to find out.

  1. lbc says

    Of course Nina will panic instead of seeing the writing on the wall, she just continues in her la la land fictional relationship with Sonny. If he had walked past me as many times as has and not even said hello, I would realize he wasn’t having the same thoughts of reconnecting as I was and leave well enough alone.

  2. […] best guess is that he’s been involved in something undercover and could not reach out to friends and family to let them know he survived. Dex has been in those kinds of situations himself, […]

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