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General Hospital Spoilers: Roger Howarth Explains The Reason He Was Absent

General Hospital Spoilers: Roger Howarth Explains The Reason He Was Absent

General Hospital (GH) spoilers reveal the reason behind Roger Howarth’s absence. He broke his silence in a new social media post. One of the fans shared the parts of his recent statement on a popular messaging board. Keep on reading to learn more.

GH Spoilers: Roger Howarth Addresses Lengthy Absence

According to the General Hospital spoilers, Roger Howarth talked about why he’s been away from the ABC daytime soap for so long. The user Kristabell posted on the Message Boards some of the details of his new Instagram post.

Howarth admitted that he had not one, but two lengthy absences from the show. The first reason was because of his positive COVID-19 diagnosis.

Howarth didn’t clarify whether he tested positive for the virus or if he was exposed to it. He had to take time away from the show during that time.

The second absence was the result of a knee injury. Howarth had to undergo an MRI that showed the results of his injury.

He got injured at the gym. Howarth shared the details in a new interview with Soaps in Depth.

“Progressive overload is the theory that whatever you do next, should be more challenging. After a month off for Covid and a knee MRI, I am back. And…accountable to you.

Another gym post in 30 days. In that time, we can both try something new and difficult! Deal? It’s a way for us all to support and lift one another up. Peace. Seriously… peace,” Roger Howarth explained.

General Hospital Spoilers: Roger Howarth Explains The Reason He Was Absent

The General Hospital spoilers reveal that Howarth’s back. He commemorated the moment with a selfie. He recently joined the social media app to talk about his life.

Howarth is now back at the gym and working on his physique as he recovers from his health issues.

The General Hospital Spoilers: Roger Howarth Returns To Soap

The General Hospital spoilers hint that Howarth will be back on the small screen soon. After One Life to Live ended, Howarth brought his classic character of Todd Manning to Port Charles.

Howarth’s character changed after a licensing issue between ABC and Prospect Park, which brought back OLTL on its online streaming service. He’s now known for his role as Dr. Austin Gatlin-Holt.

The General Hospital spoilers suggest that the teasers for Thursday’s episode tease Howarth’s return. Fans are happy to see him back. What are your thoughts on Howarth’s lengthy absence? Are you glad he’s returning? Sound off below in the comment section.

As always, check back for more General Hospital spoilers, news, and updates.

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