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General Hospital Spoilers: New Rival For Blaze, New Hot GH Doc Sweeps Kristina Off Her Feet?

General Hospital Spoilers: New Rival For Blaze, New Hot GH Doc Sweeps Kristina Off Her Feet?

General Hospital spoilers and rumors tease there will be a new rival for Kristina Corinthos-Davis’ (Kate Mansi) affection, which will worry Blaze aka Alison Rogers (Jacqueline Grace Lopez).

A new hot doctor comes to GH and she might be someone from Kristina’s past-Kristina will be swept off her feet!

General Hospital Spoilers: Blaze Will Be Heartbroken, Her Mother Thrilled

Natalia Rogers-Ramirez (Eva LaRue) will be thrilled at Blaze and Kristina’s breakup, even though she’s sad her daughter is heartbroken.

Alexis Davis (Nancy Lee Grahn) will be happy Kristina is involved with a doctor, especially one close to Kristina’s age and not someone much older like Parker Forsyth (Ashley Jones)!

It will be a shock to everyone close to Blaze and Kristina that someone could come along and sweep Krissy off her feet and away from Blaze!

It will be a random meeting-Krissy has to go to GH to get her pregnancy checkups and the doctor is an obstetrician, and someone she knew in high school.

They used to hang out but didn’t keep in touch after graduation, and at least at that time, the relationship wasn’t sexual-just two girlfriends hanging out.

GH Spoilers: No, Kristina’s Old Friend Doesn’t Treat Her

Kristina’s old friend doesn’t treat her, nor will she be involved in her birthing experience-that would be a conflict of interest once they start dating.

Alexis would have many, many problems if Kristina were to start dating a gynecologist/obstetrician who was treating her, and for that matter, so would the hospital!

The doctor is interested in Kristina’s pregnancy progress, but that’s because she’s interested in Kristina-and the unusual surrogate agreement she’s involved in; it’s not unusual for a family member to surrogate. But it is unusual in the state of New York, where it’s borderline illegal-and leaves all parties unprotected legally.

General Hospital Spoilers: New Rival For Blaze, New Hot GH Doc Sweeps Kristina Off Her Feet?

General Hospital Spoilers: Hot Doctor Is Concerned For Kristina’s Legal Standing

She is concerned for Kristina’s legal standing regarding her carrying her own fertilized embryo-it truly is her baby, although she is supposed to give it to her sister and her partner.

She worries already, even though they just have started dating, that Kristina is getting too attached to the fetus-now that it’s moving and reality’s set in.

And the deal being made with her own sister is troubling as well-if Kristina decided she wanted to keep the baby neither one has a leg to stand on legally.

She talks in a worried tone to her new girlfriend-she had a patient in another part of New York she practiced in prior to coming to GH in a similar situation.

The patient, a surrogate, decided to keep her baby and the birth parents fought it-with no legal standing, the baby was taken away and put in the foster care system.

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  3. Babs says

    I hope that Kristina does get a new partner. I don’t like Blaze. To controlling.

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  6. lbc says

    Never cared for Kristina/Blaze pairing. So glad someone new is coming to as was said “knock Kristina off her feet”. Kristina has never had the correct pairings and all her story lines have been less than eventful. As she is a legendary character think writers should pen better story lines for her especially if they continue with her as being bi-sexual.

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