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General Hospital Spoilers: Is John Hiding The Fact That Dex Is Jason’s Son?

General Hospital Spoilers: Is John Hiding The Fact That Dex Is Jason’s Son?

General Hospital Spoilers reveal that fans have often been asking who Dex Heller’s (Evan Hofer) father happens to be. However, the writers haven’t offered a hint on the subject.

However, fans have been speculating that Dex could be Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) long lost son. Could John “Jagger” Cates (Adam Harrington) have been hiding this information from them?

Dex Heller Says His Father Was A Cheater

General Hospital’s Dex has opened up to Josslyn Jacks (Eden McCoy) about his father. However, he didn’t say much other than that is father was a cheater and how his mother put up with that.

Dex’s brother would always beat him up because he didn’t defend their father like they did. Dex was never close to his father at all.

This certainly makes fans wonder if Dex may have been adopted and that could be a huge reason for the boys to be picking on him.

After all, adopted children are not always accepted as some believe they will be. Could Dex have been picked on because he was adopted? Was Dex never told about his adoption?

GH Spoilers: Should Dex Heller’s Father Be In Port Charles?

Now that Dex has no family in town and he isn’t exactly getting along with Josslyn, would it make since to give Dex a father who happens to live in Port Charles?

Could Jason be Dex’s father and perhaps Jason never knew about him either? Who would Dex’s mother be to be Jason’s long lost child?

Both Jason and Jagger were in a relationship with Karen Wexler’s (last played by Marie Wilson). Karen was with Jagger when she got killed years ago.

However, there was no mention of a child. Perhaps Karen wasn’t ready to be a mother and put her child up for adoption. Could Dex have been that child?

General Hospital Spoilers: Is John Hiding The Fact That Dex Is Jason’s Son?

General Hospital Spoilers: Evan Hofer Has Seen The Rumors Too

Hofer admits that he has seen the rumors about Jagger and Jason being his father but so far, he doesn’t know that answer either. Of course, this would be a rewrite considering that Karen didn’t have a child and died a long time ago.

There aren’t really a lot of details that can be kept true to the story because of this.

Jason was very upset to learn that Jagger knew him before his TBI. Since John kept this information from Jason, what else has he been hiding?

How much control did John have over this situation. Could Jason now have three sons in Port Charles with Dex’s arrival? Will Jason be revealed as Dex’s father in the near future?

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  1. Jamie says

    Karen and Jason never had sex. I remember Brenda teasing him about it. they never went there. Jason Q slept with Keisha, but not Karen.

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