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General Hospital Spoilers: Will Tracy and Gregory Have Their Time, However Short-Lived?

General Hospital Spoilers: Will Tracy and Gregory Have Their Time, However Short-Lived?

General Hospital spoilers reveal Tracy Quartermaine (Jane Elliot) has been secretly pining for Gregory Chase (Gregory Harrison) for months, and no one but her closest family allies are aware of her growing affection for him.

Of course, while they are looking at Tracy as though she’s afraid to make a move because of Gregory’s decision to ask Alexis Davis (Nancy Lee Grahn) to accompany him to Harrison Chase (Josh Swickard) and Brook Lynn Quartermaine’s (Amanda Setton) wedding, the truth is Tracy is far more afraid of what she would stand to lose if Gregory returned her affections — another man she loves.

Still rebounding from the loss of hubby Luke Spencer (Anthony Geary), can Tracy really open her heart to a man on his way out?

General Hospital Spoilers — Gregory is Dying

Gregory is constantly looking out for everyone else’s best interest. He’s also acutely aware of how his declining condition affects everybody around him.

The last thing he wants is to be an undue burden or upset anybody he cares about, and over time, Tracy has become one of those people.

Her somewhat softened exterior has allowed Gregory to see a side of Tracy he might wish he knew existed sooner — not that it would’ve made a romance between them any less inconvenient when he’s living on borrowed time.

GH Spoilers Suggest Tracy is Mourning

Tracy still isn’t over the death of her late husband; that’s clear. Maybe there is something therapeutic about Gregory’s impending death that could allow her to grieve both of these men in a healthier way — a way Luke’s death didn’t allow for because it happened so suddenly and left her without a body or real answers she could accept.

General Hospital Spoilers: Will Tracy and Gregory Have Their Time, However Short-Lived?

Is Gregory’s decline going to help Tracy confront her own mortality and come to understand Luke is in a better place? Might the pain and anguish Gregory endured leave her thankful Luke didn’t go out that way?

General Hospital Spoilers — Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow

Gregory’s untimely death is certain to put a damper on Chase’s plans for the future with his soon-to-be new bride. Will Tracy be able to commiserate and lift Chase’s spirits as the last woman to love his father before he dies?

Just where will this friendship bordering on flirtation take Gregory and Tracy — and how much longer does Gregory even have to entertain having a romantic interlude with anyone?

Will his time expire before Tracy can signal how she really feels about him, and before she can make sense of why she’s let herself fall for a man who isn’t going to stick around? Stay tuned for more GH news and spoilers to find out.

  1. Gammalinda48 says

    Please GH Writers let this happen between Tracy and Gregory!! We Fans need to keep seeing the gentle side of Tracy, and how much she cares for Gregory!! I read sometime ago that Gregory was diagnosed with the Wrong Disease, and Finn fine’s this out when Gregory ends up in the Hospital!! Now how Great would that be seeing how Tracy and him were just starting to feel for each other, but wouldn’t take it any further because of his illness!! I don’t THINK there is ONE FAN that wouldn’t like to see this Happen?? SO GH WRITERS make whatever I read before Come True that Gregory was misdiagnosed PLEASE….???

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  3. Angelia+johnson says

    please mis diagnose Gregory als,I would like to see him and Tracy have a relationship they are really good together.please..

  4. Dianne says

    PLEASE GENERAL HOSPITAL writers…PLEASE…”Gregory” is a great actor…let their be a misdiagnosis…SOON! Please let him & Tracy get together as a couple…I like the softer side of Tracy….I want to see Jason & Sonny friends again….PLEASE listen to a fan for the last 60 years! TY!!❤

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