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General Hospital Spoilers: Nina Sparks Murder Mystery in Port Charles

General Hospital: Nina Reeves (Cynthia Watros)

General Hospital (GH) spoilers suggest that Nina Reeves (Cynthia Watros) could spark a murder mystery in Port Charles. Viewers would like to see something different from the mob storylines on the daytime soap. Keep on reading to learn more.

GH Spoilers: Murder Mystery Involving Nina?

According to the General Hospital spoilers, there might be a murder mystery coming to Port Charles. This was speculated on the Message Boards. The user QStan0710 suggested that Nina Reeves could be at the center of the murder mystery. She would somehow get involved.

“This pains me to say this as a Nina fan, but I think the character’s tenure is, about to end, and it will be by way of a murder mystery. She’s got so many people in town that hate her guts. I’m afraid the end is near,” the original poster speculated.

GH fans took to the thread to share their thoughts. Most of them agree that Nina’s storyline could come to an end. Her character has become useless at this point. There’s nothing more that the writers could do with Nina, even if they tried to redeem her.

“As someone who always thought the character was pointless, I hope so. The culprit can be Carly and she can leave, too,” one fan mused.

General Hospital (GH) spoilers suggest that Nina Reeves (Cynthia Watros)

“At best maybe we’ll get Nina in another coma. Not sure they’ll kill her off because of Willow – now that’s a reason to allow her to continue to be a nurse so that she can tend to her mother. Maybe Nina will come outta this coma as a better version of herself because these days she sux,” another user wrote.

General Hospital Spoilers: Time For Nina To Go?

The General Hospital spoilers suggest that it’s time for Nina to go. She’s still a polarizing character among the GH fanbase. Some fans don’t want to see her go. Unlike most of the other characters, Nina is complex and has some edge to her.

“I hope not. I love Nina. She’s not dull and self-righteous like a lot of other GH characters,” one fan wrote.

“I don’t think Nina/Cynthia Watros is going anywhere. The actress is golden, and the character is well-developed and always interesting to watch even if you don’t like her. I don’t see why they would get rid of her since she provides a lot of drama and is enmeshed in several storylines [sic],” another user argued.

According to the General Hospital spoilers, most fans would enjoy a murder mystery storyline involving Nina. However, they would like to see Nina accused as the murderer. Other fans claim it “would be a dream” to see others try to murder Nina, even if she survived.

What are your thoughts? Do you think there will be a murder mystery in Port Charles involving Nina? Do you think it’s time for Nina’s storyline to end? Sound off below in the comment section.

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  1. Babs says

    I don’t care how she goes, just so she goes. Tired of her sticking her nose in Carly’s business. She is a b.

  2. gammalinda48 says

    I never thought I’d be saying this, but Nina has grown on me!! Nina’s playing the role as a Real B—, and is Very Good at it!! Yes, she’s buried herself for doing the horrible things she does, but stop and think what she’s gone through!! Also at times she can be a comedian in doing the things she does!! We can’t take away her acting ability she is Good at it don’t you think!! The worse thing she’s done is the Carly & Drew thing, but if you stopped and put A&B together can you blame her!! She has no-one since Liesl left that she can talk to I just feel bad for her!! So all and all I guess I’m wrong, but I honestly can’t agree with getting rid of her sorry this is just my opinion, and I guess my heart is to big!!

    1. gammalinda48 says

      Hey I’m going to reply to myself !! Maybe we can keep Nina by having her get pregnant, and it’s Drew’s Child!! Now will that Start a War with Carly, let’s see who can’t mind her own business?? Drew and Nina are in a hate relationship which will turn into Love, and then come’s a Baby!! Nina has wanted a baby for so long, just maybe we will now see a Better side of Her!! Drew will be the one to turn her around so what about Fan’s?? Now No Yelling at me it’s just a crazy Thought!! LOL OH also this might bring back Liesl, we all want to see her back don’t We??

  3. June says

    send carky oaking she has a big mouth and even bigger nose.carly has kept the truth about ninas kids and now csrly is messing up nina and her grand child.Nina I wush she coukd be a mirscak Baby in stor for her,think about it i mean carly has kept nina from knowing how wonderful it us to raise your own child.Hate to see anything bad happen to donna or michael or joss.But take 2 if carlys kids away and she can maybe miss them. Some way I wish ninas baby problem would be a break threw and she could be a mom who no one can take it away,nina would be a lot better than Carly at being a mom.Nina would atleast raise her child instead of pawning them off to a nanny.Carly isn’t as good as nina at acting .Nina is more honest than Carly.Carly sticks her nose in everything and face it she isn’t a good actor

  4. Kitty says

    I love to hate Nina! Maxie is right: Nina lost herself to be Mrs Corinthos. Good to see her sassy and scheming

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  6. DC says

    Get rid of NINA!! She is useless!!

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  8. Terri says

    Carly needs to go and pay the consequences for her actions, which she never does. So, Nina keep sticking it to her. Glad you are getting tough😁Liesel needs to come back…..😊

  9. Tina says

    Nina needs to go and Carly is a awesome actress ❤️❤️

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