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General Hospital Spoilers: Leopold Taub’s Body Won’t Be Exhumed — Because His Grave is Empty

General Hospital Spoilers: Leopold Taub’s Body Won’t Be Exhumed — Because His Grave is Empty

General Hospital spoilers tease Leopold Taub (Chip Lucia) left Port Charles behind years ago when she was allegedly killed by the WSB as he tried to escape police custody. But could it be that the WSB actually protected Taub for some nefarious reason and hid him away for safe keeping? No one thought they’d ever hear about the guy again until Cody Bell (Josh Kelly) came to town looking for his fortune.

Suffice it to say Taub doesn’t lend many good memories to the people of Port Charles, but no one has held it against Cody for being his kin. Of course, Mac Scorpio (John J. York) is Cody’s real father, but he doesn’t get to know that. Cody’s pursuit of a lawsuit against the WSB for destroying what was left of his alleged fortune rests on the lie that he is Leopold’s son. Proving that will require another DNA test, this time between Cody and his late dad’s remains. That’s going to become problematic when they can’t be found.

General Hospital Spoilers — Cody Worries He Won’t Be Able to Pull This Off

Cody panicked when Scott Baldwin (Kim Shriner) mentioned the need for a DNA test as a precaution. He expects the WSB will allege that anyone could come forward claiming to be Leopold’s child and for that reason, Cody has to prove that he has the genetic ties before the lawsuit can move an inch forward. Legally, it’s a pretty solid formality that needs to be addressed. Scott likely expects that Cody will cave to that realization soon but he has no idea that Cody is spinning a web of lies.

GH Spoilers Leak Scott Stuns Everyone

Scott will be shocked to hear that Leopold’s remains aren’t in his coffin. Rather, there will be nothing at all in his place, suggesting nothing was there to begin with. What he thought was going to be a slam dunk case will be anything but. Scott will have to break the news to Cody and everyone else involved that things are about to get much more complicated. If Leopold remains are not in his grave, where are they?

General Hospital Spoilers: Leopold Taub’s Body Won’t Be Exhumed — Because His Grave is Empty

General Hospital Spoilers — Where is Leopold Taub?

No one will know what to make of this revelation. For decades now, everyone thought Leopold Taub was a figure of their past — and they were happy to leave him there. Now, it looks like they may have to be faced with being reintroduced to the man that wreaked so much havoc on their beloved town. Is it possible that Leopold is not in his grave because he is still alive? That question will plague almost everyones’ minds. Others will be hopeful that there was some kind of mistake or he was buried in a different location, but that won’t seem likely. Stay tuned for more GH news and spoilers just ahead to learn how this plays out.

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