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General Hospital Spoilers: Danny Kicks Up Dust at Home — Will Jason’s Return Make Things Better, or Worse?

General Hospital Spoilers: Danny Kicks Up Dust at Home — Will Jason's Return Make Things Better, or Worse?

General Hospital Spoilers report Danny Morgan (Asher Jared Antonyzyn) really stirred the pot at home when he was escorted to the front door by a police officer on Valentine’s Day after a drunken binge with his so-called friends. Sam McCall (Kelly Monaco) was stunned to find her 14-year-old in such a state.

When she laid into him for it, he blew back at her, calling her a hypocrite for taking an issue with his chosen extracurricular activity.

After all, Sam was no saint when she was younger. But she has strived to give her children a better upbringing than she had, and wants them to be safer than she and Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) ever were.

Now, with Danny showing signs of being a similar adrenaline junkie as his father — albeit only one thus far — Sam can’t help but worry that the apple didn’t fall far from the tree. So, what happens when the tree comes home?

General Hospital Spoilers — Jason Returns

It has already been confirmed that Jason will come back to GH in early March. If his memories are intact this time around, seeing his children will likely be among the first moves he makes in Port Charles.

But walking back into their life after being presumed dead will be a shock. It’s going to leave Sam’s wheels spinning as well when the shock wears off and she realizes she’s going to be co-parenting with Jason again.

How will she convey her concerns to him without coming across as though she wishes he never came back?

GH Spoilers Spill a Change is Coming

As Jason and Sam start to clash in the aftermath of his return to the canvas, they’re going to butt heads when it comes to the way Sam has been raising Danny.

Sam might be less than appreciative of Jason’s comments and concerns in light of his latest absence.

Although the circumstances may have been outside of his control, his choice to engage in such a dangerous lifestyle that runs the risk of disappearing or killing him speaks volumes to Sam.

General Hospital Spoilers: Danny Kicks Up Dust at Home — Will Jason's Return Make Things Better, or Worse?

She holds him accountable for that and won’t excuse his latest stint away because of that.

General Hospital Spoilers — This Gets Messy

For the first time, we can expect that Sam and Jason won’t be able to agree to disagree. He’s not going to bend to her will and remain a peripheral figure in his son’s life just because she has decided she is no longer comfortable with his line of work.

That may have been a sufficient reason to divorce him, but she’s not going to annex him from his son’s life over it.

She can’t do that, right? Prepare for a fight of epic proportions as Diane Miller (Carolyn Hennesy) finds herself on Jason’s side while Alexis Davis’ (Nancy Lee Grahn) daughter fends for herself.

Stay tuned for more GH news and spoilers just ahead.

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