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General Hospital Spoilers: Is Curtis Ashford, Marshall And Stella’s Child?

General Hospital: Curtis Ashford (Donnell Turner)

General Hospital spoilers indicate that Stella Henry (Vernee Watson) and Marshall Ashford (Robert Gossett) have more of a past than viewers have seen. Could Marshall and Stella’s connection be that Curtis Ashford (Donnell Turner) is Stella’s child with Marshall?

Stella Henry Has Always Been Overly Concerned About Curtis Ashford

General Hospital Spoilers reveal that from the time Stella came to town. Stella has to have her opinion of everything in Curtis’ life. Stella interferes in Curtis’ romantic entanglements and every other decision he makes. Stella even went as far as to steal Curtis’ divorce papers when he and Jordan Ashford (Tanisha Harper) divorced.

Stella believes that she knows what is right for Curtis and doesn’t really care if he wants her option or not. However, Stella sometimes realizes that she needs to back off even if it isn’t as fast as she should at times. Stella recently decided to interfere with Curtis’ physical therapy but also managed to get him back on track.

GH Spoilers: Marshall Ashford Left His Family

Marshall was an absent parent for most of his children’s lives. Marshall’s children were told that he died. Stella helped her sister to take care of Curtis and his brother. Later, Curtis’ brother was killed and Stella could not get past that. Stella was furious with Jordan for years and wasn’t happy that Jordan got along with Shawn Butler (ex-Sean Blakemore) either.

General Hospital: Stella Henry (Vernee Watson)

Jordan later met up with the man she broke up with to help raise her nephews but there has always been something off in that relationship. Stella referred to Curtis’ brother a lot but Curtis seems to be the one she is more obsessed with. Is there a reason that Stella is so close to Curtis and needs to be a part of his life?

General Hospital Spoilers: Stella Henry And Marshall Ashford Have History

Stella and Marshall have a history and are obviously attracted to each other. However, Stella and Marshall seem to be almost afraid to act on their feelings. This truly makes fans wonder if something was going on with them years ago. Did Marshall and Stella have an affair behind her sister’s back that resulted in Curtis?

Curtis has been through a great deal recently and finding out that his mother wasn’t really his mother would mess with his head. Is there any reason after all this time to tell Curtis the truth about his parentage if that is the case? What if something happens and the truth comes out after all? Could Curtis handle having his life turned upside down again?

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  2. MJ says

    I don’t think so. Stella is closer to Curtis than Tommy (his brother) cause Tommy’s DEAD ( duh..) And she made peace with Jordan years ago. The way Marshall talks about his wife and misses her, I don’t think he ever had an affair with Stella, or anyone else. And Stella’s feelings for Jordan when she got with Curtis makes me think she never had an affair either. Especially not with her sisters husband. She came down hard on Jordan for her affair with Shawn and for being with Curtis after having been married to his brother. Unless she’s a major hypocrite, I don’t believe it. I do think her and Marshall have some secrets, though.

  3. Michael says

    Writers, please don’t do it!! Leave it as it is, Aunt Stella is just that, AUNT! I wouldn’t mind seeing Marshall and Aunt Stella’s progression to love. Let the relationship of Aunt Stella and Curtis remain as it is and always been, loving Aunt and nephew.

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