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General Hospital Questions: Why Can’t Valentin Just Tell Anna The Truth?

General Hospital spoilers reveal Anna Devane getting fed up with Valentin Cassadine and his lies and telling him so, but why is he lying to her?

General Hospital’s Valentin Has A Secret

Despite Anna’s (Finola Hughes) attraction to Valentin (James Patrick Stuart) and her desire to have a serious relationship with him, she also knows when he is being less than truthful and now she has the proof she needs that he wasn’t in a rehab facility for nearly as long as he said. While she has yet to deduce he is the French captain that she and Felicia Scorpio (Kristina Wagner) have been searching for, it’s only a matter of time and then all hell will break loose.

Fans now know that Valentin has been doing Victor Cassadine’s (Charles Shaughnessy) bidding because he is the one who put Charlotte Cassadine in a boarding school and Victor is the only one who can get her out and return her to Port Charles safely.

Valentin fears for his daughter’s life, but he is also unable to take an innocent person’s life, so he is in quite a pickle. He couldn’t kill Laura Collins (Genie Francis), but he did get her out of town. Still, what will he do with another one of Victor’s unreasonable orders?

Valentin Can Just Tell Anna

Does Valentin think he is keeping a woman like Anna Devane safe by not fessing up to the fact that Victor is ordering him around because he is threatening his daughter? Does he not realize that Anna is perfectly capable of taking care of herself? Heck, she takes better care of Valentin than Valentin takes of Valentin, so not telling her is just out of character and another GH writing mistake.

General Hospital Questions: Why Can’t Valentin Just Tell Anna The Truth?

Think of the fun and flirty action scenes we could get between Valentin and Anna if they teamed up to rescue Charlotte together and then take down Victor. Valentin should know that Anna has all the right connections and instincts to help him so the lies make no sense and all we want is for stories in Port Charles to seem logical.

Sadly, this one is ridiculous and just forces fans to wait even longer for some movement in this slow-burning romance. It’s been a year since Anna and Valentin’s first kiss and we’re still waiting for the next step. Stay tuned to General Hospital weekdays to see how this story plays out.

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