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General Hospital News Update: Marcus Coloma Dishes On His Favorite Disney Prince And Movie Sequel

ABC General Hospital spoilers reveal that the dark prince Nikolas Cassadine is currently being portrayed to perfection by Marcus Coloma. Since the character debuted in the 90s there have been more than actor in the role including Tyler Christopher.

Recently Marcus agreed to be interviewed by his GH co-stars Steve Burton (Jason Morgan) and Bradford Anderson (Damian Spinelli) who do a hilarious podcast together. What exactly did the GH stars talk about? We have the questions and answers for you right here!

General Hospital spoilers – Marcus Coloma is Nikolas Cassadine on the ABC sudser

The duo jumped right into the thick of things by asking Marcus who his favorite Disney prince is, seeing as how his character is also a prince.

“That’s a good question,” said Marcus. “Honestly, I feel like one of my first crushes was on Ariel the Little Mermaid. Aladdin is a go-getter.”

He was also asked about stepping into the role after another actor departed. Sometimes soap fans can be fickle when it comes to their favorite characters! Watching a character day in and day out can lead to feelings of possessiveness, but it appears that fans have embraced Marcus and his portrayal.

When asked what the most challenging part of being a recast has been he answered, “Honestly, I think that Tyler Christopher was amazing [in the role]…He was fantastic and did his own thing. [I’m] trying to embrace the character and not have his face in my head all the time.”

General Hospital spoilers – Marcus Coloma was in Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2

Marcus was in Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2 and he was asked about this project. The guys asked him, “Did you like Chihuahuas more or less after shooting Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2?”

“I was more of a fan after shooting that movie,” said Marcus. “The funny thing is…I can’t say the word. They had to phonetically spell [Chihuahua] out for me.”

Bradford and Steve kept up the movie theme by asking their guest to name his favorite movie sequel and he replied, “I was just watching Die Hard 2. I started watching Moonlighting because Bruce Willis and Cybill Shepherd have such an element. It’s like Nikolas and Ava (Maura West). You can see Bruce Willis’ audition online. It’s so amazing. That got me into Die Hard. I guess Lethal Weapon is the one I go back to. I just love it.”

General Hospital spoilers – What is next for Nikolas Cassadine in Port Charles?

Are you shipping Nikolas and Ava right now GH fans? Tell us what you think about this odd couple!
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  1. Lisa Cotterman says

    I love Nikolas and Ava aka Nava , There are one of the best couples on General Hospital Ive seen in years, I am hoping for a baby for them a little girl Either Nikole Katherine Cassidine , The middle Katherine was the name of Ava beloved daughter Kiki/ Lauren Katherine Jerome who was tragically murdered by ryan Chamberlin, Another Name Mikhaila Kathereine would be cute as well.I would like to see semi complicated or high risk Pregnancy but of course baby will be ok when all is said and done And possibly some how Nikolas delivers his own child . I would also like to see also either Ava get hurt possibly him sitting uy her bed side or her be sick

  2. Patti says

    I love the chemistry between these to actors. They are great together and hope they stay together… they are a real power couple! The new Nicholas has nailed it and made it his own character. I would love for Spencer to come back to see how they interact together. They have become my favorite couple!❤️

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