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General Hospital (GH) Spoilers: Will Jason Morgan Reemerge In 2023?

Jason Morgan

General Hospital (GH) spoilers say that if there’s anything that we’ve learned about the fictional world of soap operas is that even if someone is assumed to be dead, that doesn’t mean that they will remain dead forever, right? Well, that seems to be the case with Jason Morgan – or at least that’s what fans are hoping for. Here’s what you need to know about Jason – and whether or not the character will reemerge in 2023.

General Hospital Spoilers – Will Jason Morgan Reemerge In 2023?

Carly’s life has been crumbling to pieces so of course, it would only make sense for her superhero of a best friend to come back home and rescue her, right? That is if he’s even alive. Viewers are sure hoping he is as they’ve missed seeing Jason Morgan on the canvas ever since his portrayer Steve Burton left the show back in November.

That said, there’s been some Twitter speculation about Jason possibly coming back. Seeing how Steve Burton has made no indication that he will be returning to the soap anytime soon, some are suggesting that Wes Ramsey should take his place. That would sure make for some great television seeing how Wes Ramsey is dating Laura West (Carly Corinthos) in real life, right?

Steve Burton

General Hospital Updates – Will Jason Morgan Ever Come Back To Port Charles?

So far Wes has not made any comments about a possible return to the daytime television world but it’s not like he hasn’t left the show only to come back a few months later, right? Plus, fans would go wild seeing Jason Morgan back in Port Charles, even if it’s in the form of a new face and actor. Do you agree? After all, if there’s anyone who could use Jason in her life right now, it would be Carly. And how wonderful it would be if Wes played the role, right? Of course, not every General Hospital fan will agree, though. Either way here’s hoping that we get the surprise that we deserve as viewers of the show.

That said, fans will have to tune in to General Hospital each and every day to find out what’s in store for the future. Until then, let us know what you think by leaving us a line with your thoughts in our comments section below. General Hospital airs on weekdays on the ABC network. Check your local listings for times.

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  2. Diana Moore says

    Bring back Jason! The storylines have been awful! Been watching for over 50 years and I’m honestly ready to leave altogether. All the characters are messed up with the wrong people.

  3. Just123 says

    Jason Morgan is one of those characters that just cannot be recast.

    If Steve Burton doesn’t return then neither should Jason Morgan!!

    1. Kathy says

      I feel the same if Steve Burton doesn’t return then neither should Jason Morgan. To recast Wes Ramsey as Jason Morgan would be so weird. When Austin came on the scene it was weird. Why kill off a person and then bring back another character with the same person it doesn’t make any sense.

    2. charlotte cooper says

      I absolutely agree. I really want Steve back and no one else. Please and I hate Sonny with Nina. He is acting very strange now.

    3. Anne says

      Right, just like Nickolas, should have been the same one. But I don’t think Jason should return too many back from the dead again. Were use to him being gone so leave it that way. Than won’t be the same without the Jacket by his side.

      1. Anne says

        I hate Joss with Dex! I know Cam is leaving GH so need new love interest but Dex seems like a baby next to Joss. She fell in her mother’s shoes, The Sonny situation that she hates. Poor Cam it was so sad for him and how bad of Joss as she wants her cake and it it too. Friends is so dumb that she would ask that of him.

    4. Cindy Sorrell says

      I agree Steve Burton makes Jason morgan

  4. Just123 says

    I’ve been all in favor of Joss and Dex. I’ve felt that Joss has outgrown Cam. But watching this clip of them breaking up actually makes me feel bad for Cam. However this does give much more opportunity for Joss’s to grow and that I would like to see.

  5. Carlene Simpson says

    General Hospital needs Jason Morgan desperately but not a recast. No one can feel Steve Burton’s shoes. I like “Drew” but not with Carly. I hate they killed Britt even though we knew she was leaving the show they could have left it open for her return. Would have been great for Jason to return and him and Britt be together. Want someone gone???? Get rid of Victor can’t stand him. Him and Peter are my most disliked characters.

  6. TeamSteve&Ingo says

    Wes could never “replace” Steve ~ Perhaps someone else, but not Wes. He’s simply not that good of an Actor ~ If GH considers it, I believe it would be true Nepotism, due to Laura.

  7. Louh says

    I agree there is only 1 Jason. Sonny sure could use his help right now.

  8. Norma says

    I would rather have Billy Miller Back, he’s a great actor, GH did him wrong when Jason came back from Y&L and took his job back. Jason isn’t even on my radar as a replacement actor, he had the job and chose not to keep it!

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  10. […] Finn is going to realize rather quickly that nothing about Elizabeth Baldwin’s (Rebecca Herbst) story is as it seems, but he might not jump to question her about it before he gathers more details of what is happening with Esme. […]

  11. Glenda says

    Mistake that Britt got the hook. She & Cody would have been so good together, I thought Spennil was getting the hook, I’m sorry but what does he actually do, so weird. Carly & Drew boring!

  12. Lynne says

    Sorry, but I just completely disagree with a recast for Jason. There can be no other as far as any fans are concerned. Especially Wes! He played such a dastardly part that he would never be accepted as Jason! It’s a NO! No other Jason!

    1. Anne says

      We’d except another Jason as we did so many others after awhile. I didn’t like Ryan as the new drew so off character, and still don’t and especially for Carly made no sense. I preferred Jason not coming back and to save Carly and Sonny. Get on with the new and out with the old now. Let the dead stay dead.

    2. P. says

      No one can replace Steve Burton as Jason but Steve. Bring him bk and you’ll see benefits as emmy winners from GH reappear, as well as high tv ratings.

  13. cindy says

    You can recast Nickolas, Ryan, Kevin, Dante,Drew but you cannot recast Jason especially with Wes!!! Totally stupid I don;t care who he is sleeping with in real life. He was a horrible person and you cannot replace him with one of the best on the show. either bring the one and only Jason or leave him dead. Steve Burton will always be Jason and if the writers on this soap cannot see this they should be fired!

  14. Anne says

    We’d except another Jason as we did so many others after awhile. I didn’t like Ryan as the new drew so off character, and still don’t and especially for Carly made no sense. I preferred Jason not coming back and to save Carly and Sonny. Get on with the new and out with the old now. Let the dead stay dead.

  15. Doris Spears says

    Leave Wes Ramsey where he is and please bring Jason Morgan back!

  16. Nina says

    recasting Jason is a definite No no one else can play Jason. I’ve been watching general hospital for about 50 years. I love this show. There is no one else can play Jason

  17. Beverly says

    no…there is only 1 Jason!!
    if Steve Burton doesn’t play him…don’t bring him back!
    However Wes coming back as a new love interest for Carly would be fun!

  18. Madessa says

    I agree if Steven Burton isn’t going to play Jason Morgan, don’t bring him back. I haven’t watched general hospital in a while, especially since Steve Burton left. Bring him back and I’ll start watching again.

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