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General Hospital (GH) Spoilers: Getting To Know Lydia Look Port Charle’s Selina Wu

General Hospital (GH) spoilers and updates reveal  Lydia Look has been playing Ms. Wu, now known as Selina, since 2015. However, Selina now has a more active role in Port Charles. Let’s get acquainted with Lydia.

Support Is A Surprise

General Hospital’s Lydia was very surprised by her increased role in the Wu mob family. Ms. Wu has been seen occasionally at meetings of the five families but not very often. However, now that Lydia is onscreen more she is also on social media. Lydia admits to being a Twitter newbie even though she opened a Twitter account in 2013.

Lydia admits to not having checked out her Twitter page until a friend suggested that she look at the comments being made on her page. Lydia says she feels very lucky and must have been in the right place at the right time. Lydia is a Singapore native and considers herself a fan of Selina as well. Lydia admits to being excited to open her script and see what comes next for her character. Selina’s new role is very exciting for Lydia to play.

Thrilled With Her Role

General Hospital’s Lydia says that the writers have made her so intelligent. Lydia admits that this character is better than any prime-time character that she has played in her career. Lydia loves that she is represented as a tough, smart Asian woman who holds her own against the men in her world. Lydia admits that holding your own against men as a minority is extremely hard and that is why she enjoys her character’s traits so much. Lydia says that this has never been an issue with scripts and she is grateful for that.

General Hospital (GH) Spoilers: Getting To Know Lydia Look Port Charle's Selina Wu

An Under Five

General Hospital’s Lydia says she was what she refers to as an under-five when she first came to G.H. Lydia had first read for the role of a doctor but was later called back for the role of Ms. Wu. Lydia was thrilled to have the role of a mob boss. However, the under-five reference is to the fact that she was only on screen usually once a year. Lydia wondered for a couple of years if her character was being phased out because there was no mob meeting for at least two years. Now suddenly things have ramped up and Selina is seen front and center.

Lydia is very grateful to the fans who have embraced her character and the writers for giving her such a good part to play. Lydia says that this role offers her validation and that means the world to her.

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