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General Hospital (GH) Spoilers: Epiphany And Marshall: Love Match, Or Mismatch?

General Hospital (GH) spoilers tease that Marshall Ashford (Robert Gossett) will show an interest in Epiphany Johnson (Sonya Eddy), and does a little flirting as he’s going about his volunteer work at General Hospital. Marshall asks her out, but will they be a love match, or a mismatch? Epiphany may shut him down right away!

General Hospital Spoilers – Lonely, He’s Mister Lonely

General Hospital viewers will recall that Marshall first came to Port Charles as a mystery man! He would sneak around anywhere his family members were just to kind of check things out and see what was going on with them. The sneaky way he had gone about it, however, only served to raise suspicions, and other than his grandson in name only TJ Ashford (Tajh Bellow) no one has really wanted to have much to do with him.

General Hospital viewers will remember from a recent episode that Curtis Ashford (Donnell Turner) has been so belligerent against him that he tried to interfere in his getting to know Marshall, which TJ really resented! Marshall has come from thirty plus years playing dead for an as yet unrevealed reason, and he’d just like a little acceptance. Marshall came looking for family, but he’ll take friends – especially lady friends! He spots someone who just might fit the bill!

GH Spoilers – Epiphany Split From Milo Over A Year Ago—Maybe She’s In The Market?

General Hospital viewers will recall that Epiphany dated Milo Giambetti (Drew Cheetwood) for six years. Many thought they would be a mismatch, but they were a real love match until Milo – also known as Magic Milo – and she broke up in October of 2020. Epiphany had told fellow nurse Elizabeth Baldwin (Rebecca Herbst) about her and Milo’s breakup, although she didn’t go into any great detail. Whether the relationship just fell apart, or it was mutual, or what happened, General Hospital viewers will never know.

But when Marshall sees Epiphany, he notices something special about her. She’s a woman who won’t put up with anybody’s guff, and he admires that in a woman. Plus, in Marshall’s eyes, she’s one good looking woman, and he knows that he’d like to get to know her better – maybe even a whole lot better! Maybe she’s ready to get to know someone new, maybe she’s not, but Marshall makes it his business to find out!

General Hospital (GH) Spoilers: Epiphany And Marshall: Love Match, Or Mismatch?

General Hospital Spoilers – Epiphany Is Blindsided When Marshall Wants A Date!

General Hospital viewers will see Epiphany being blindsided and taken aback when Marshall makes her an offer – he asks her to be his date for New Year’s Eve! Epiphany isn’t sure what to think – she barely knows who he is, just another volunteer that seems to be some relation to TJ Ashford! Epiphany might ask some questions about Marshall before she accepts – he wants to take her to The Savoy, and he’s acting like a player! He’s giving her way too many compliments for her to believe he’s not after something, but she isn’t sure what!

General Hospital viewers know that Epiphany isn’t fooled easily, and she thinks maybe this Marshall should have not started off so strong – maybe she’ll suggest they have coffee in the General Hospital break room a few times and get to know each other as co-workers first. As to the question whether Epiphany and Marshall might be a love match or a mismatch, it’s way too soon to tell – they may be a better match than her and Milo!

Stay tuned to General Hospital, and check General Hospital spoilers frequently for all the latest news, updates, and developments!

  1. Redrage502 says

    It doesn’t have to be an eternal love match. Just let Epiphany have some cuddles, kisses, and fun.
    I remember on the “NIGHT SHIFT” series she and Billy Dee Williams were great together.
    Then Milo ran out on a good thing with an amazing woman!
    Let Marshall have someone in town be glad he’s there. I think they’d be acute couple to watch. Like Scotty and Liesl.
    You can have love at any age.

  2. […] General Hospital viewers will recall that Stella had told Curtis to give Marshall time to tell his story when he was ready, although she didn’t tell how much she knew. Curtis knows Stella knows some of it because she knows the funeral and burial were faked. General Hospital viewers will recall, however, that Marshall had wanted to explain on the day he found Curtis at The Savoy and gave him the family photo of himself, Curtis, his brother Tommy Ashford (uncast character) as a small child, and their late mother Irene Ashford (uncast character) together. Curtis hadn’t wanted to hear Marshall’s explanation because he was so angry and hurt, not to mention skeptical until he saw the photo! Even then he wondered where this older man had gotten it! The things that Curtis does know about Marshall are that he’s been keeping up with the family apparently from afar and that he lived his life while faking his death apparently under a different name. […]

  3. Jack says

    Marshall is a hitman and he killed her son for Jerry Jacks..

  4. […] Marshall’s sense of urgency is coming across as pushy and entitled to Curtis who is all kinds of angry that his dead dad was really alive all this time. He reminds the older man what it was like to go through life without a father and how hard his mother had to work to support the family. […]

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