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General Hospital Spoilers: Ingo Rademacher Speaks About His GH Exit

General Hospital’s former star, Ingo Rademacher, is speaking out about his exit from the show. Rademacher has played Jasper “Jax” Jacks on and off for 25 years. Rademacher refused to comply with Disney’s vaccine mandate. What does he have to say about his untimely exit from the popular soap?

A Message To Fans

General Hospital’s Rademacher didn’t immediately address fans about the issue. However, in the video Rademacher apologized to fans for not addressing this subject earlier. The video begins with his announcement that he is no longer on General Hospital. Rademacher says he wants to thank fans for sticking with Jax for 25 years. Ingo says he was hoping to play Jax for another 10 to 25 years but sadly he is no longer there over a vaccine mandate that he doesn’t believe in. Rademacher also thanks fans that came out to support medical freedom even though they were vaccinated themselves. Rademacher says he believes it should be a choice. If you want to get the vaccine, fine, if not that should be acceptable as well.

Corporations Aren’t Being Fair

General Hospital’s Rademacher doesn’t believe that it is fair for any corporation to mandate that their employees have a vaccine to keep their job. According to Rademacher, a lot of people have been coerced into taking this shot to keep from losing everything. When your livelihood depends on whether or not you take a vaccine, it is crossing the line. Rademacher believes that this is taking away an individual’s freedom of choice and that is unconstitutional in his view. Rademacher, who is very vocal about his political beliefs, has even blamed the Biden administration for this.

Don’t Put This Off On Our Kids

General Hospital’s Rademacher doesn’t believe that this fight should be put off on our children. Rademacher has young children, his wife had a baby just a few months ago. Rademacher doesn’t believe that either he or his children should be forced into compliance when he doesn’t believe in his shot. Rademacher believes that everyone should come out and speak their minds and should be encouraged to do so.

General Hospital Spoilers: Ingo Rademacher Speaks About His GH Exit

Rademacher says that in a democracy people are supposed to be able to speak their minds and this is no longer happening in this country. Rademacher says he is scared by the way things are being run in this country these days. Rademacher again thanks to everyone for their support and positive comments on his stand.

Do you agree with Rademacher’s assessment of how things are progressing in the country? Is Rademacher right to stand up for his beliefs?

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  1. Kathy says

    He WAS given a choice – he chose not to get the vaccine – which is his right – as is GH/ABC/Disney’s right to fire whoever they want! The vaccine is for the individual receiving it but it is also to protect everyone that comes in contact with that individual .

  2. Les says

    He had a choice, he made his choice and every time he opens his mouth he sounds like a whiney little bitch (IMO)

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