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General Hospital (GH) Spoilers: Confirmed: Leaked Script Shows Drew Cain Is Alive!

General Hospital (GH) spoilers tease that a leaked script from the set of General Hospital shows that Drew Cain (most recently Billy Miller) is alive! The truth will be revealed in future episodes of General Hospital, possibly in August or September, since currently the show has been filmed through the end of July.

General Hospital Spoilers – A Guard Is Talking To A Prisoner In The Leaked Script

The leaked piece of script from General Hospital shows that a guard is talking to a prisoner, and it is obvious by the wording that the prisoner is Drew Cain. The guard tells him that the Boss (boss is capitalized) has a long reach, and asks the prisoner questions to verify the nature of the Boss and what he has done. The guard asks the prisoner to acknowledge how he came to be there; didn’t he pluck him out of the ocean and stashed him there without anyone realizing that he survived that crash?

Then the guard gives the prisoner a warning, that the Boss had gone to a lot of trouble to extract him from his life, and that he won’t hesitate to kill anyone who is sniffing around looking for the prisoner. The prisoner then tells the guard that all anyone has to do is give him a ride to the nearest airport and tell him the name of the bastard who’s been holding him for the last two years! General Hospital viewers will recall that Drew Cain’s plane was hijacked and went down in the Gulf of Aden near Afghanistan, where he was trying to return some dirty money that Shiloh Archer (Coby Ryan McLaughlin) and another Navy Seal named Charles “Tex” Owen (uncast character) had made by selling fuel they had stolen from Navy bases in Afghanistan to insurgents on the black market.

Tex died, but Drew had found out about the money beforehand and then had a partial memory about a car he had given to his son Oscar Nero (Garren Lake Stitt) before he died, and Oscar had willed it to Cameron Webber (William Lipton). Drew remembered he had bought the used car from Tex’s widow and looked through and found the box of dirty money. Peter August (Wes Ramsey), under threat of exposure by Shiloh, set up the hijack and crash of Drew’s plane.

General Hospital (GH) Spoilers: Confirmed: Leaked Script Shows Drew Cain Is Alive!

General Hospital Spoilers – Drew Cain’s Portrayer Has Not Been Officially Announced, But We Can Make An Educated Guess

General Hospital has not officially announced the name of Drew Cain’s portrayer but we can make an educated guess. We do know that Billy Miller is not reprising his role, but there is an actor who has been announced to join General Hospital who will be starting to film very soon, if not already. That is Cameron Mathison. He has been quoted as having said on a video he had made for his fans that the reason he is growing his hair out and a scruffy beard as well is for the part he will play on General Hospital.

It seems reasonable that if Drew has been held by someone for two years – which is about right, considering Drew got on that elevator to leave the hospital for the airport on August 21, 2019, he might look a little rougher and scruffier than usual. Hostage takers are not well known for seeing to it their prisoners are well groomed, after all! An exact two years would make NuDrew’s first appearance on a Saturday, but since General Hospital doesn’t air on Saturdays perhaps this scene will be a cliffhanger on August 20, 2021.

Again, that is only an educated guess, as is the presumption that NuDrew might be Cameron Mathison’s role. The only problem there might be with Drew’s return now is that Peter is already dead – at least we hope he is! If he weren’t, he certainly would be by the time Drew got ahold of him, because he would definitely want to avenge Franco Baldwin’s (Roger Howarth) death!

Stay tuned to General Hospital, and keep checking General Hospital spoilers frequently for all the latest news, updates and developments!

  1. Jillie says

    Do not like Cameron Mathison as Drew Cain! No no no Need a manlier man!

    1. GHFan101 says

      I totally agree. Cameron matthison played Ryan Lavery on All My Children. He doesnt fit the bad guy story. I cant see him as Drew. I can see him as Liz’s brother.

  2. Redrage502 says

    We’ve known all along Drew is alive. But our fantasy was that Billy Miller would be coming back.
    Cameron Whatshisname…that’s not Drew. And I have no interest in his storyline!
    The GH ‘head honchos’ know the fans want Billy. They did him dirty, and we don’t know if they even approached him to come back.
    I don’t blame him refusing if they did.
    But SO many women are missing this great handsome and talented actor.
    Big screw up, GH.

    1. Emma Jo Rust says

      I agree ,don’t need him back if not Billy!

  3. JLBW says

    Billy Miller will always be Drew to me. A story I was looking forward to happening is one I won’t watch without Billy. Character should have stayed dead if Billy wasn’t playing him.

    1. Regina says

      I agree with everyone ! So loved Billy and want him back!

  4. Annie says

    What’s the big surprise?? These writers don’t know anything else other then living in the past and bringing back the dead!

  5. Judy says

    Only Billy Miller can play Drew. Why you the writers wrote him off in the first place. He is such a great actor. Bring Billy Miller back as Drew. The writers have dragged out some of the storylines way to long.

  6. […] Drew Cain was portrayed by Billy Miller who portrayed Billy Abbott on The Young and the Restless. The character is the twin of Jason Morgan (Steve Burton). […]

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