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Soap With The Most Chemistry-Less New Couples In 2022: General Hospital

Soap With The Most Chemistry-Less New Couples In 2022: General Hospital

General Hospital is the soap that gave us the magic that is Anna Devane and Valentin Cassadine in 2022, as well as Sam McCall and Dante Falconeri and Spencer Cassadine and Trina Robinson. That is why it’s so hard to believe they went wrong so badly everywhere else.

General Hospital’s Chemistry-less Couple # 1: Elizabeth And Finn

Forget the fact that Hamilton Finn seemed like a stalker and emotional abuser through most of this contrived relationship in 2022, but unfortunately, Rebecca Herbst and Michael Easton have zero chemistry. It only goes to prove that you can’t stick to veteran and talented soap actors together and make it work. The chemistry has to be there.

Elizabeth and Finn never made any sense and they were so lackluster together they barely even went on a date and never even made it into bed. Elizabeth was a shadow of her normal self with Finn as he tried to run her life and tell her every decision she was making was wrong while he also completely disrespected her wishes and her boundaries. At the end of the year, it looks like GH got the hint and we are massively relieved.

General Hospital’s Chemistry-less Couple # 2: Maxie and Austin

Again, you can’t take two veteran and talented soap actors and stick them together and expect a supercouple. Another example of that is the Maxie Jones and Austin Holt pairing. There was just nothing between them, Austin always seemed to have a secret, Maxie seemed to just be going through the motions, and we knew Howarth’s perfect scene partner was stuck with Finn as his former character, Franco Baldwin, was killed off for no real reason in 2021.

Finally, Maxie is realizing that it’s just not working between herself and Austin, and not a moment too soon.

Soap With The Most Chemistry-Less New Couples In 2022: General Hospital

General Hospital’s Chemistry-less Couple # 3: Britt and Cody

The character of Cody Bell has seemed ill-conceived from the start. He is an obvious liar and con man who, like Finn, seems to have no respect for women and talks down to them rather than to them. GH wasted the last months it had with Emmy winner Kelly Thiebaud for a character nobody likes, no matter how talented Josh Kelly is.

Now, Britt did have chemistry with Austin and these two could have been paired together and gone off into the sunset, clearing the way to bring back Franco, but instead, we got Austin with Maxie, Elizabeth stuck with Finn, and Britt now dying with no real love by her side. Sad.

Stay tuned to General Hospital weekdays to see how these non-love stories truly end.

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