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GH Spoilers & Updates: Wiley’s First Words On General Hospital

General Hospital (GH) spoilers reveals Wiley, played by twins Theo and Erik Olson, has had a complicated storyline in the long-running soap opera series. Wiley quickly became a fan-favorite upon his introduction to the series as a baby. It probably helped that the character is played by super cute twins Erik and Theo Olsen.

Wiley is Michael and Nelle’s son and in his short life on the show, has been involved in one of the most complicated baby switching plots ever written. Wiley Cooper-Jones, born as Jonah Michael Corinthos, was switched at birth in exchange for a baby that passed away from SIDS at birth by his mother Nelle Benson. After a series of twists and turns, the baby returned to his father Michael Corinthos, after months of Michael believing that his son was dead. A little while later, the baby was involved in a fierce legal battle between both parents as they struggled to have custody of him.

While the little boy has been through a lot on General Hospital, one thing that he was yet to do was say a word. That is, until the June 7 episode of the show.

Mother of GH Twins, Erik and Theo Olson, Shares Her Excitement on Hearing Wiley Speak

The little boy spoke for the first time since his introduction to the show as an infant on the June 7 episode of “General Hospital”. After Willow left, Michael assured his son that his parents love him, and cute little Wiley responded with the word “Okay”. He then remarked that he had a lot of crayons before proceeding to count them, “one, two, three, four, five!”

“A lot of fans have wanted Wiley to talk,” Theo and Erik’s mom wrote on the twins’ Instagram page in a post about the scene. “Well, he finally did! Loved how he was counting his crayons.”

She then went on to explain why fans haven’t had the luxury of hearing Wiley, even when the twins have grown enough that they can talk. “Do you know why child actors aren’t usually given lines?” she continued. “GH films 140+ pages of script a day! Just to give you an idea of how amazingly hard-working everyone is, that is about the amount of a movie! They do it daily!”

GH Spoilers & Updates: Wiley's First Words On General Hospital

“The actors only go through a scene once or twice,” the twins’ mom continued. “So to entrust speaking lines to a three-year-old might possibly throw off their whole day! Although the boys are very good toddlers, they are still little and it would add more work.”

Due to the unpredictable nature of children which can lead to the addition of unexpected dialogue that the grown General Hospital actors would have to roll with to keep the scene going in order not to force the director to cut and do another take, Wiley was kept from having speaking lines. Also, getting kids to say their lines correctly at exactly the right time can be intimidating, so we won’t be seeing Wiley engage in actual dialogue in the near future. The twins’ mom concluded, “Ad-libbed moments like yesterday’s are more precious, in my opinion!”

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