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General Hospital’s Maurice Benard Reveals Unexpected Breakup

General Hospital (GH) spoilers and updates tease that Maurice Benard, who plays Sonny Corinthos on the soap, uploaded an adorable short clip where he calls on his animal friend, Buddy the Goat. Unfortunately, Buddy’s not in the mood.

Benard Shares Video With Buddy

In an Instagram post, Benard uploaded a video of him calling out to Buddy the Goat with a caption, “The question is have I lost my connection with BUDDY THE GOAT?” In the clip, the actor said he hasn’t seen Buddy in two weeks. He also explained that there are times when Buddy just doesn’t care about him at all, hence the hashtag of the post, “breakup.”

Benard did have an explanation why Buddy’s giving him the cold shoulder. “You know why he’s acting like this? ’Cause it’s late and I haven’t fed him.”

“He’s looking at me like, ‘Where’s my food?’. He doesn’t want anything to do with me right now,” the actor shared.

Fans and friends were quick to comment on his post. Ingo Rademacher said that Buddy is playing hard to get and said that Benard may have to do a lot of groveling. One fan chimed in and said Buddy has shunned him because he’s not Sonny, referring to his character’s current storyline wherein he’s living as Mike in Nixon Falls because of his amnesia. Fans are eager to find out what will happen once Sonny regains his memories.

Benard says “all hell is going to break loose”

Sonny occasionally gets flashes of his old life so it’s safe to say that he’ll eventually get back his memories. With his family, friends, and enemies doing a lot of things that won’t please him, Benard hints that “all hell is going to break loose” once Sonny remembers everything.

Sonny’s family and friends believe that he’s dead so they’re moving on with their lives especially Carly Corinthos (Laura Wright). Fans know that she’s marrying Sonny’s right-hand man, Jason Morgan (Steve Burton), not for personal but for business reasons.

Benard said that Sonny will think that “this is not a good thing” and fans can expect “a great fight when Sonny does return.”

General Hospital’s Maurice Benard Reveals Unexpected Breakup

Benard Loves Playing Mike

Nevertheless, Benard admitted that she’s having fun playing the role of Mike. His new character has a “different energy.” Sonny is dark while Mike is “calm, relaxed, and happy.”

Unfortunately, some fans aren’t having as much fun as Benard. Some of them would like to see Sonny back. The actor didn’t expect fans to be as vocal as they are now when it comes to wanting Sonny back on screen. It’s not that they hate Mike, it’s just that viewers would like to see the mob boss back to his old self.

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  1. Naomi Mckinnon says

    Sonny need to get his memory back ASAP and back home again. Stop this mob thing for good cause Sonny want a happy married plus happy family. His family needs him very much

    1. Maryanne says

      Want sunny back

  2. Annmarie Zanfardino says

    I think is not fair ABC GH people in charge using Maurice berard dealing with his rest from his isickenss and wanting to leave for a while and doing other idea for a while. and hope when he feels better and missing his fans of seeing him again would be great and worked together
    and if yiu guys don’t know sonny is a nick name and his name is Michael ,his real name and his father names too so mike is a shorten name dun?. I been watching reading all these gossip soaps news of Brenda visiting and max is getting old and not nice and romance and yiu using danta badly he is so good finally back. And sorry if the lady can’t play lulu any more just get anither ine .she is the second one ,not the original ok? And make up your mind with Sam she is so good in action,and says she is there fir her kids and left danger with Jason stupidly and doesn’t so much just have nanns drop off at quarter Maine,unless you can’t let them work again?

    Bring back sonny and let him know things and make up his mind ,and let Jason have some r9mace fun and work too
    And let go of chase and let h8m do it with Brooklyn ,

    Sorry sad and hope don’t bring back new if Nellie is boring,br8mg back old nick9ls and or his uncle who left to days with the batch good actor ,channel four and two stole abc people shape up
    finally sonny will leave crime fighter behind but people change and don’t want him too
    crazy dr is nice now but how long.and bring back Bobby and tired trouble Ryan and Kevin Laura needs help
    Maxie has soy father should help and Anna and Robert like the old days and bring back Tracey ! Love roger Howard new role is exciting maybe he can have some one and leave chase only fix him he was so good make danta and chase a team again and make Michael and willow get a spine
    I love gh but need better people and you have a great guy use to be Ryan on amc abc don’t mess it up
    Maybe Ava and Austin and the lawyer Martian get some one for him maybe Alexis
    And bring back the lawyer friend

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