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General Hospital’s Josh Kelly Takes on Action with “The Workout”: A GH Break or a Recast?

General Hospital's Josh Kelly Takes on Action with "The Workout": A GH Break or a Recast?

General Hospital fans were abuzz recently with news of Josh Kelly, the actor who portrays the charming and complicated Cody Bell, taking on a new role in the action film “The Workout.” While Kelly’s foray into action is exciting, it leaves viewers wondering: what does this mean for Cody’s future in Port Charles?

A Temporary Goodbye or a Permanent Farewell?

The filming for “The Workout” reportedly took three weeks, meaning Kelly was likely absent from General Hospital during that time. This could explain a temporary departure for Cody from the current storylines. However, the extent of his absence is yet to be revealed.

Potential Plot Twists and Returns

There are a couple of ways Cody’s absence due to filming could be incorporated into the General Hospital narrative. Perhaps Cody takes a leave of absence to pursue a personal project. Alternatively, with his history of trouble, it’s not out of the question for Cody to get tangled up in something off-screen that necessitates a temporary exit.

Long-Term Impact: A Rewrite for Cody?

The bigger question lies in whether Kelly’s commitment to this film role signifies a potential long-term reduction in his presence on General Hospital. Action films often require significant filming schedules, potentially leading to scheduling conflicts. This could necessitate a rewrite for Cody’s character, with the writers having to adjust his involvement in ongoing storylines.

Or in another scenario the powers that be at GH could decide to recast the role.  However, with the new writers onboard on the ABC soap it appears Cody’s storyline is reduced and lately he is only seen tending to the Quartermaine horses. 

Fan Speculation and Waiting for Answers

General Hospital fans are known for their passionate theories, and speculation is already swirling. Could this be a sign of a future exit for Cody? Might he return with a newfound action hero persona? Only time, and perhaps official announcements from the show’s producers, will tell.

One thing remains certain: Josh Kelly’s involvement in “The Workout” adds an exciting new chapter to his career. How this translates to Cody’s future in Port Charles is a mystery that will keep General Hospital viewers glued to their screens.

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