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General Hospital Star Carolyn Hennesy Dishes On New Role And How Diane Became A GH Fan Fave!

General Hospital Star Carolyn Hennesy Dishes On New Role And How Diane Became A GH Fan Fave!


General Hospital star Carolyn Hennesy joined the cast in 2007 to portray attorney Diane Miller. But when Carolyn doesn’t light up the GH screen, she treads the theater stage. And as the General Hospital star just revealed, she loves her new role in a theater production that involves portraying an alley cat!

Find out about Hennesy’s new role. And learn what she revealed about how Diane became a fan favorite on General Hospital. Get all the details below.

General Hospital Star Carolyn Hennesy Dishes On New Theater Role

Starting on September 10, General Hospital star Carolyn Hennesy has starred in the world premiere of The Secret World of Archy & Mehitabel at the Whitefire Theatre in Sherman Oaks, California. The show adapts the New York Evening Sun columns by journalist Don Marquis about a cockroach and an alley cat to life. And Carolyn told Theater Mania that she loves her role as the alley cat.

When the General Hospital actress read the script, she immediately knew that she wanted the role. “It was wonderful writing with wonderful source material,” gushed Hennesy. “These articles are a fascinating and still timely commentary on the human condition. And a character you can’t pass up. So I said yes!”

But while her General Hospital fans might not know her background, Carolyn feels as if she grew up on the stage. And acting in front of an audience quickly became “the most important thing to me,” added the actress. “But with my TV and film work, doing stage work has sometimes been unworkable.”

Carolyn Hennesy Reflects On Her General Hospital Role

Whether on stage or in General Hospital, Carolyn loves her career. And she credits her father, production designer Dale Hennesy, for her passion. “I am so lucky my dad was supportive of my choice. Although he died when I was 19, to this day, I always want to make my dad proud whatever I do,” added the actress.

The General Hospital star appreciates the fact that her character of Diane has become a fan favorite. And she understands the reason. “Yes, Diane brings the comedy,” pointed out Carolyn. “And she lets you, the viewer, catch your breath between all the drama and realize it’s not so serious.”

General Hospital Star Carolyn Hennesy Dishes On New Role And How Diane Became A GH Fan Fave!

Hennesy also shared that she enjoys the feedback that she gets from fans. “When I hear from fans, they also acknowledge what I affirm since I first got on GH,” noted the actress. “Diane is the one character who can say anything to anyone. I get to say everything that the audience wants to scream at these characters. They love having that connection.”

But the General Hospital star also credits the writers for her success on the show. “Honestly, most of the writers know how to write Diane, so it’s easy,” said Carolyn. “But the best litigators, like Atticus Finch in To Kill a Mockingbird, know that it’s their job to convince a jury, and if they act like they believe in their client, that comes through to the jury. Like acting, it’s a performance. Still, I probably could be a good lawyer and maybe in the next chapter of my life, I’ll go to law school.”

Tell us what you think. Do you agree with Carolyn Hennesy that Diane brings the comedy element to General Hospital? And after you share your views, check back on our site for more General Hospital news.

  1. Steve P says

    I find this spoiler not very believable. When we saw Bando Friday he woke up and squeezed Saha’s hand. If he had not done that, it might be possible. But him opening his eyes and squeezing her hand does not sound like no hope.

  2. LBC says

    First report that Brando will die. Dex/Joss will be a pairing – yet Dex is the hook killer? and so many other discrepancies in how the so called spoilers report GH story telling. Now this spoiler is reporting that Brando will wake up and learn Sasha is dead? Wish these so called twists and turns in someone’s mind would be kept to themselves as it is getting annoying to most viewers.

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