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General Hospital Spoilers: Why is Jason and Carly’s Shared Love Getting Under Sonny’s Skin?

General Hospital Spoilers: Why is Jason and Carly's Shared Love Getting Under Sonny's Skin?

General Hospital spoilers reveal Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) took all of one day to decide he would buy Carly Spencer’s (Laura Wright) former half of the Metro Court Hotel back — and it took Carly all of one minute to decide she would accept Jason’s generous gift.

As usual, everything is different when Jason is involved. Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) couldn’t help but air his feelings about it to his ex-wife, and it only further clued her in on his irrational state of mind when he did.

Why was Sonny so triggered by Jason lending Carly a hand? Because it wasn’t him, plain and simple. Sonny has always been the hero in Carly’s life and he’s lost that spot on the pedestal now, but he really wasn’t keen on being replaced by the one person he feels has betrayed him in a more profound way than anyone else.

General Hospital Spoilers — This Isn’t About the Hotel

The reality is, this isn’t about Carly regaining rights to the hotel. It’s about how she got there and whose help made it happen. When Sonny extended a similar offer — even when he was with Nina Reeves Corinthos (Cynthia Watros) — Carly wouldn’t accept his gesture.

She knew it wasn’t really about love coming from Sonny; it would’ve been about control. It would have been another thing in a long list of things he’s given to her and could take away or hold over her head.

She wasn’t looking to give him that kind of leverage anymore, hence why she wanted nothing but the house when they divorced — despite how much he wronged her along the way.

GH Spoilers Suggest Sonny Has a Hero Complex

Carly wasn’t wrong, and that’s proving to be true now. Sonny can’t stand it that Carly is willing to accept Jason’s help and not his.

To Sonny, this is more evidence to add to the stack he believes he has that Carly has always loved Jason more than she has loved him. Sonny suspects that after his return from Nixon Falls, Carly’s heart was still with Jason when she was trying to make her marriage to Sonny work — and that may have been true.

But now that Jason is back, Sonny has no room to stand in the way of him being with Carly. Is this gift of the hotel a step in that direction?

General Hospital Spoilers: Why is Jason and Carly's Shared Love Getting Under Sonny's Skin?

If so, where will that leave Sonny playing a role in Carly’s life, even though he’s pretending he doesn’t want one as a means of being the one who left versus the one who was left?

General Hospital Spoilers — Moving On

Will Carly and Jason actually end up together this time around? It looks like all of the stars are aligning to make it happen, but we know better than to get our hopes up when it comes to these two.

Fans would relish a real wedding — that happens just because they want it to, not because they have to protect the business. It feels like the season has finally arrived for us to see where Carly and Jason can go as a couple.

But Sonny may not make it easy if he feels like he owes himself any stake in revenge against Jason, and that feeling could become more likely as he continues to remain improperly treated for his Bipolar Disorder.

Will Carly and Jason’s happiness threaten Sonny so deeply that it pushes him to the brink? Stay tuned for more GH news and spoilers to find out.

  1. LJR says

    I disagree with the writer on this. I don’t believe Sonny has ever threatened to take away from Carly anything he gave her or held it over her head. He’s always been exceedingly generous to her! And he always understood the bond between her and Jason. Once his meds get straightened out, he will again. I hope Jason and Carly never marry and just forever keep their brother/sister relationship!

  2. DEpstein says

    Have you ever known Sonny to give or do anything for someone that didn’t have strings attached? I haven’t!

  3. Pat says

    Jason and Carly need to be only Best Freinds.

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