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General Hospital Spoilers: Who Will “Break” The ALS News To Chase, Tracy Or Violet?

General Hospital Spoilers: Who Will “Break” The ALS News To Chase, Tracy Or Violet?

General Hospital (GH) spoilers for the fall suggest that someone unlikely will break the news to Harrison Chase (Josh Swickard) that his dad, Gregory Chase (Gregory Harrison) has ALS.

While the choices on “who” could be endless, the main two suspects could be Violet Finn (Jophielle Love) or Tracy Quartermaine (Jane Elliot)

GH Spoilers: Tracy Quartermaine Knows Something’s Up

GH spoilers suggest that while Tracy and Violet don’t “know” that Gregory has ALS, they both know something’s up. Tracy asked about Gregory’s “tremors” a few weeks back when she and Finn Hamilton (Michael Easton) were enjoying a board game at the Q mansion, but the good doctor made it crystal clear to his friend that he didn’t want to talk about it.

Tracy could be the one to spill to Chase. She may not come out and say that his father has ALS; however, as he is dating her granddaughter Brook Lynn Quartermaine (Amanda Setton) they may fall into each other’s orbit, and she could mention what happened during their dinner date, causing the cop to speculate.

GH Spoilers: Violet Finn Has Always Had An Inquisitive Spirit

While Violet doesn’t know about her granddad’s condition, she does love to chat with adults and has an inquisitive spirit to her. She offers 101 questions within a span of two minutes and can often leave those around her grasping for answers.

General Hospital Spoilers: Who Will “Break” The ALS News To Chase, Tracy Or Violet?

Violet is someone no one would expect to spill the beans and there’s also a chance she’s overheard Finn and Gregory talking about ALS, but off-canvas. Chase is one to always “jump” at the opportunity to spend time with his niece, so if they are hanging out one-on-one, she could ask her uncle about her grandpa’s condition (or mention she heard her dad and Gregory talking about it), which wouldn’t only shock Chase, but the GH viewers, too.

Greg revealed his condition to Finn after babysitting Violet, as he almost fell down. The little girl may also tell her uncle about the situation, which could have the good cop realizing something is wrong.

Who could spill the beans to Chase about his dad, Tracy or Violet? Share your thoughts, below! Catch your favorite ABC soap daily to see all the drama unfold and visit this site often for the latest General Hospital updates, news, and spoilers.

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