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General Hospital Spoilers: Who Was The Most Underused GH Character Of 2020? Vote Now!

ABC General Hospital spoilers reveal that the cast of characters residing in Port Charles, NY is vibrant, intriguing, dramatic and unpredictable. In short the residents are imminently watchable, some more so that others. With a cast as large and talented as the one gracing the ABC soap right now, it’s inevitable that some characters are pushed to the side, and we don’t see them ear enough. Here are five of the most underused characters of 2020, who do you think was the most underused?

#1 Damian Spinelli

Is there anything the Ace of Cyberspace can’t do? He is the Swiss Army knife of humanoids, able to do whatever is asked of him by Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) and Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard). He loves Maximista (Kirsen Storms) and maybe 2021 will bring him the story he deserves when she learns what a dog Peter August (Wes Ramsey) is?

#2 Brick

Stephen A. Smith may be a top of the line ESPN journalist, but surely ABC can afford to have him cross over as the one-word enforcer more than twice a year? The strong man’s value lays in Sonny Corinthos’ (Maurice Benard) trust in him despite the fact that he flirts outrageously with his wife Carly Corinthos (Laura Wright).

#3 Amy Driscoll

Lisa Dorken has the voice of an angel, a fact recently brought home for the second time when she covered for Brook Lynn Quartermaine (Briana Lane/Amanda Setton) at Deception. General Hospital can always use good nurses, and whatever happened to her hunky brother? It’s time to give Amy a story of her own, especially if we’re not seeing Liz Webber (Rebecca Herbst) and Epiphany Johnson (Sonya Eddy) perform their regular duties at the hospital–who’s taking care of the patients for crying out loud?

#4 Mac Scorpio

There was a time when lucky General Hospital fans saw John J. York as Mac Scorpio on a daily basis. Now we barely see him at all. He kinda sorta runs a restaurant and subs at the PCPD, but c’mon for a character of his stature and ability he should be doing much more. And bring along his underused wife Felicia Jones (Kristina Wagner) while you’re at it writers!

#5 Jackie Templeton

General Hospital fans waited decades to see this hot shot again and Kim Delaney picked right up where Demi Moore left off. While she was here. Just like that Jackie was off on another story and Port Chuck was in her rear view. Let’s hope that when she comes back she and her hubby and stepson do some long overdue “family bonding.”

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  1. Laura Parker says

    Spinelli Amy Dricol and what ever was the story with Jackie Templeton why have we lost William better known as Julian you bring back people for a very short periods and let go of major actors for these to play for a month or so. I just wish you would end the Peter story. I don’t want him gone but make him with Carly lol

  2. Saundra Worst says

    How about Kristina? She hasn’t been there for significant events, like saying goodbye to her grandfather, among others. Where has she been during Alexis’s relapse?

  3. Norma Couvelha says

    Damian Spinelli.
    Love this character…..he is kind, he is smart and he makes for interesting viewing. Please use him more!
    Please stop adding new characters and new stories….we have so many unfinished for unusual amounts of time. I am getting confused with them and I have been a GH fan for many, many years!

  4. Mary Marley says

    Elizabeth Webber they seem to have forgotten that she is a very important part of the show.People really love her and would like to more of her in a better storyline not sam and carly all the time .

    1. shilo0854 says

      ITA her family was on GH in the beginning when the show started!

  5. Plp says

    Jackie Zeman ie Bobbie Spencer. Where was she at the Corinthos Christmas party this week for instance? It looked for awhile that they were going to make Bobbie and Scott a romantic duo and comedy relief and then dumped it. A few years ago they made Bobbie head nurse at the nurses station and then dropped that. Bring Bobbie back into the fold

  6. Funny says

    That. These horrible storylines need to end.These writers can’t write a cohesive storyline.!!!! They are bringing on characters that no one cares about
    This story with Peter needs to STOP.the favorite characters need to go so the actors @actresses who the viewing audience actually care about get the air time they deserve. Getting rid of Lulu,Julian was wrong.Nina’s BIOLOGICAL child needs to end.Also why isn’t Kristina never on.was she there for MIKE’S funeral.?Jackie @the rest of the favorites need to go.

  7. Cajunqueen says

    Damian Spinelli, always like Norma said he is kind, he’s smart and easy on the eyes.

  8. Sheryl Jones says

    Mac Scorpio. He’s been with GH for years but is rarely seen. He has long-standing ties to Port Chucky. He’s the DA’s brother; Maxie’s stepfather (and Everyone knows Maxie). Time to let new viewers know exactly Why Scorpio was made Chief of Detectives without even applying for the job.

  9. Rebecca Thompson says

    I would like to see more of Jackie. She came and then went away for awhile. I would like to see Peter and Jackie working together on the Cyrus story. They found help get him out of being the Chairman of the Board at GH. I would like to see her relationship dynamics too.

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