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General Hospital Spoilers: Who Is The Man For Anna Devane? Vote Now!

ABC General Hospital’s Anna Devane’s (Finola Hughes) life is about to get a lot more complicated. Anna’s sister Alex Marick. Anna is about to learn more about her son Peter August (Wes Ramsey). Will Peter and Alex come between Anna and Hamilton Finn (Michael Easton)?

#1 Anna And Hamilton Finn Are Engaged

General Hospital’s Anna and Finn are engaged and should be getting ready for their wedding. Instead, against Finn’s request, Anna is about to go meet up with her sister Alex. Finn knows that Alex is dangerous. Furthermore, Finn knows that Alex has tried places with Anna more than once and is likely to do it again. If Finn asking too much for his fiancé to stay in town instead of risking their relationship?

Unfortunately, Anna has not made her and Finn’s relationship a priority. Anna has put Peter above Finn and his daughter at every turn. Anna also knows that Peter is more than likely not her son, but her sister Alex’s child. Anna has also covered up evidence that could have stopped Peter’s crimes months ago. If Anna and Finn can’t get past this, who else should she be with?

#2 Robert Scorpio And Anna Devane Were Always Good Together

General Hospital’s Anna and Robert Scorpio (Tristan Rogers) were always a hot couple. The danger element that Robert and Anna enjoyed during their years as super-spies made their relationship extremely exciting. Robert and Anna were always chasing the bad guys and fighting supervillains like Ceasar Faison (Anders Hove). Anna has always thrived on her career as a WSB agent. Anna was bored with everyday life which was why she was always on a case. Robert was much better suited for Anna as a partner.

Perhaps Anna Needs Someone New

The true love of Anna’s life was Duke Lavery (Ian Buchanan) but he was killed years ago on the orders of Julian Jerome (William DeVry). With Duke out of the question maybe Anna just needs a new man. Maybe Anna and Brick (Steven A. Smith) might be the right may for Anna. Anna could give Brick a reason to stay in Port Charles. Anna and Brick could work together and chase bad guys. Anna and Brick could team up to take down Cyrus Renault (Jeff Kober).

Anna needs someone who can bring some excitement to her life. Perhaps Brick could be just a bit of excitement that Ann needs in her life. Could Brick be the right man for Anna? Would Brick and Anna hit it off as well as it seems?

  1. Abby says

    I think GH should Vincent izzary to GH aka David Hayward Vincent is open with that idea now it time for GH to do their part

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