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General Hospital Spoilers: Selina Wu Discovers Michael’s Plot!

General Hospital spoilers tease that Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Bernard) doesn’t realize it just yet, but he has brought in a mole in his organization. Dex (Evan Hofer) temporarily ran Volonino’s Gym while Chet Driscoll (Chris Van Etten) was overseas on extended leave as manager. When Chet returned (although he’s left again that is a different story), Dex made sure Sonny Corinthos knew that Dex was open to any type of work that Sonny might need him for. Sonny brought Dex into his organization. But Sonny has no idea that his own son Michael Corinthos (Chad Duell) hired Dex to infiltrate Sonny’s business.

General Hospital Spoilers – Sonny Corinthos assured Selina Wu that his organization was not at risk!

Selina Wu (Lydia Look), who is the head of the only remaining mob family in the area, and Sonny have been co-existing. Sonny has even agreed to let Selina use the docks in Port Charles for her illegal shipments. But Selina and Sonny have just learned that the Harbormaster, who also was on Sonny’s payroll, was fired.

His replacement isn’t willing to look away from any illegal activities at the Docks. Selina demanded that Sonny inform her if he had a new enemy. Sonny, already suspecting Michael of the termination of the Harbormaster, told Selina that she had nothing to worry about and to stay out of it.

GH Spoilers -Sonny Corinthos has made it clear to Dex that his children are off-limits!

Unaware that Dex is a plant, Sonny threatened Dex not to do anything to harm any of his children, including Michael. Dex made it look like he paid Michael a visit to threaten him to back off his plan to destroy Sonny. But it was all an act to get Sonny to see just how committed Dex was. And it seemed to work like a charm. Although Sonny was furious that Dex went after Michael, he made the impression he intended. As long as Dex is working to destroy Sonny from within, both Sonny and Selina’s business interests will be at risk.

General Hospital Spoilers: Selina Wu Discovers Michael’s Plot!

General Hospital Spoilers – Selina Wu will make it her business to find out why Sonny’s business is being targeted!

Selina may have told Sonny she would stay out of the situation, that’s because Sonny told her he had it under control. But with Dex working for Michael on the inside, the likelihood that Selina will look into the matter herself. Selina’s nephew, Brad Cooper (Perry Shen) just asked Selina for more responsibility. She told him he would need to be tested to make sure he is able to handle whatever she throws at him. It seems likely that she will order Brad to find out who is working against Sonny. Brad is sneaky so he will likely get the goods on both Dex and Michael. Realizing that Sonny won’t retaliate against his own son, she might decide to take care of it herself. Both Michael and Dex could end up dead if Selina gets involved!

What do you think?

Will Dex’s loyalty to Michael be discovered? Will Michael escalate his attacks on Sonny? Will Lydia decide that she will take matters into her own hands? Anything can happen in Port Charles so stay tuned to General Hospital airing weekdays on ABC. And don’t forget to check back right here regularly for all your General Hospital news, information, and spoilers!

  1. Cat says

    Selina will put the fear of god in Michael. Michael is trying to play with the big kids and I think his butt is going down!!!

    1. lbc says

      I too feel that Michael is going cause more problems than he can handle. He thinks he’s smart but has not had dealings with someone like Selina Wu. Nice guys can play bad with good guys, but in most cases, nice guys can’t win a battle when up against a bad guy. Plus Michael is acting on feelings not how to win the battle just like his mother does. Sonny will probably have to end up saving Michael from himself – that is if Sonny’s persona reverts.

      1. Mimi says

        Michael will need to beg for Sonny’s help, that was the last statement he made to Michael.

        1. Just123 says

          No, Sonny actually said Michael would have to “beg for FORGIVENESS”!
          It was at that point that we got to see that Sonny had become an angry and vindictive man.
          The REAL Sonny would never have said something like that about any of his children.

  2. Christmas says

    Selina, may not kill Michael but she won’t hesitate on Dex. However Selina, is a wild card so who knows what she will do.

    1. Just123 says

      Who knows……maybe Michael will team up with Selena.

  3. Emma Jo Rust says

    I really hate that the writers are making Michael act like a spoiled Jerk. He will get someone killed!

    1. Just123 says

      Michael is acting like someone who has been deeply hurt and betrayed by a father who always preached love and loyalty of family. It’s interesting that people are calling out Michael’s behavior but are neglecting to mention the reason he’s acting this way.
      His father, Sonny, betrayed him and his mother by taking sides with Nina against his own family.
      Nina is the one who caused all of this and set everything in motion that is currently happening by her deceit and lies. Sonny then made things worse when he did get his memory back and returned home only to side with and defend the woman responsible for it all.

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