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General Hospital Characters That Need To Return: Franco Baldwin

General Hospital spoilers reveal Elizabeth still trying to figure out what caused her break from reality besides those sleeping pills. While it might not be her grief over Franco, that doesn’t mean that Franco doesn’t need to be back in her life.

General Hospital Spoilers: Franco’s Death Never Made Sense

When a soap manages to take a serial killer and put him in a popular pairing, it’s probably a good idea now to kill that serial killer who fans now love. Do we see Days of Our Lives trying to kill Ben Weston (Robert Scott Wilson). Yes, he and Ciara Weston (Victoria Konefal) might be leaving the show soon, but they are not killing him and making Ciara into a widow for no reason.

So, why did GH feel the need to kill Franco Baldwin, a character Roger Howarth managed to make popular after James Franco ceased playing him and his actions were blamed on a brain tumor? That may never be answered completely, but at this point the soap needs to undo this massive mistake. Liz needs Franco and her pairing with Hamilton Finn (Michael Easton) is unhealthy, devoid of chemistry, and currently in stalker territory.

Roger Howarth Is Right There

It’s not like General Hospital would have to go too far to find Franco. After all, he is right there on the set (when they actually decide to use him) playing a very boring character named Austin Gatlin Holt. Now, Austin had potential when he was first introduced to the show to deliver another one of Maxie Jones’ (Kirsten Storms) babies on the side of the road.

General Hospital Characters That Need To Return: Franco Baldwin

As a long-lost Q, the show could have done any number of things with him, but instead, every interesting part of Austin was dropped and now he is Maxie’s talk-to. Great waste of our time and Howarth’s presence.

That said, how hard is it to say that Franco faked his own death, even if Cameron Webber (Will Lipton) did see his body in the morgue? Stranger things have happened and this is a soap opera where returning from the dead or fake deaths are commonplace. GH made a major mistake when Franco was killed and it would be so easy to rectify if they just had the will to do it.

Soap writers can just undo the problems they make all the time because that’s what writers are there for — to write things into existence and make it so. It’s time for Franco Baldwin to return so he can be there for Elizabeth and her boys the way it was supposed to be. Stay tuned to General Hospital weekdays to see if this can ever happen.

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  4. J9 says

    Why did they ever kill Franco off. They gave him a illness that was going to kill him. Plus how come in the morgue, all the other names were the last names. Franco had his 1st name on it. Cameron could have just thought he saw Franco, and it was someone else. Bring Franco back…

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