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General Hospital Spoilers: Nina Turns the Tables on Michael and Tells Sonny and Willow the Truth

General Hospital Spoilers: Nina Turns the Tables on Michael and Tells Sonny and Willow the Truth

General Hospital spoilers reveal Nina Reeves Corinthos (Cynthia Watros) could barely tolerate Michael Corinthos’ (Chad Duell) unkind words when he showed up with his family in tow for Christmas Eve and noted that she better not make him regret giving her the cover he is to continue lying to Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) and Willow Corinthos (Katelyn MacMullen).

Nina is terrified that her new hubby will find out she tried to throw his ex-wife and the mother of his children in prison, and that her marriage will be over before it really begins.

But the longer she lives with the pressure of being under Michael’s thumb, the more she’ll come to realize this is far worse than risking it all and telling the truth. Besides, not only will it set her free, but it could bury her son-in-law.

General Hospital Spoilers — Michael Has Nina Over a Barrel

When Michael made the move against Nina to force her to stay away from his wife and children, he knew it wouldn’t be easy. Willow was bound to notice that Nina was suddenly keeping her distance, but Michael has been trusting that Nina would find a way to explain it all away — insisting she’s just busy with work and that her feelings toward her family haven’t changed at all.

How long can that really hold up though, and is it really better for Willow to think Nina doesn’t want to be around her than to know the truth about what she did?

GH Spoilers Hint Ned is Implicated

In the mix of it all, Ned Quartermaine (Wally Kurth) is finally back in his right mind and remembers what happened just before his poolside spill at the Metro Court.

Finding out that Nina was the real SEC rat, and that she was letting him take the fall all this time was the cherry on top of coming back to himself.

General Hospital Spoilers: Nina Turns the Tables on Michael and Tells Sonny and Willow the Truth

But he knew he could leverage his intel for what he really wanted — controlling interest in ELQ. Now that he’s got that from Michael instead, will his work with Nina be done, or is he just getting started with her?

General Hospital Spoilers — Mrs. Corinthos Comes Clean

Starting the new year off in a brand new way is the last thing Michael is going to expect of Nina. He took Ned’s words to heart when his cousin warned him not to trust Nina and told him he hoped he knew what he was doing.

The truth is, Michael has no idea who he’s messing with. Nina may not be that hard of a force to be reckoned with, but she is highly unstable.

The pace at which she drifts back and forth between being on solid ground, and utterly panicked, is anxiety-inducing. That’s just what Michael will experience as she decides to pull the rug out from under him and paint him as the bad guy during her confession to Sonny and Willow about her involvement with the SEC.

Will she come out on top while she throws Michael under the bus? Stay tuned for more GH news and spoilers to find out.

  1. Nanlee says

    yes, yes It time everything good Nina…..Yes Nina tell Willow and Sonny…..Yes Micheal needs his blackmailing and how he wants to put Sonny away he allowed and hooked in with Pikeman to take Sonny out….Micheal needs to be taught a lesson,a good one…I hope he does on all of this…He is so much like mommy dearest Carly do un to others what you want and get away with it while others are punished ruined and loss.while they prince around like their better….

    1. Queen says

      I can’t stand Michael
      I can’t stand Carly
      they do things to other people but when It’s done to them they want to turn everybody against you
      Michael needs to go back to using Michael Quartermaine cuz he Is not a Corinthos he’s living In their house he’s benefiting off of their wealth why Is he still using Sonny’s last name and Carly needs to stop sleeping with her son’s Uncles
      she done went through the whole Quartermaines family men except for Alan and Ned
      I think It’s disgusting that they got her going with all three brothers once married to AJ , then slept with his brother Jason & now Uncle Drew It’s not normal It’s nasty they have mothers and daughters who slept with the same man Sam was pregnant by Sonny, her mother turns around & have a baby by Sonny , then
      Alexis then turned around and have a baby by Sonny’s brother Rick making her kids sibling cuz
      Maxie has kids by Two Brothers
      this Is not normal this Is Insane
      and you got Sam sleeping with her brother and sister’s brother Dante when she once was sleeping with his father Sonny and Molly her sister who happens to be Sonny’s niece and Dante’s first cousin
      I mean come on put some new people up there that’s not related to them to have relationship with this Is almost like Incest these writers need to do better these writers are very gross It’s disgusting ??? Sad

  2. Queen says

    I hope Nina do turn the tables on Michael It’s about time him and Carly be brought down a notch
    I want good things for Nina In 2024
    I hope her and Sonny live happily ever after and
    I hope she tells Willow & Sonny that Michael & Ned was blackmailing her
    and I hope Sonny find out that Michael was trying to bring him down and Carly knew It I hope everything backfires on Michael and Carly
    I pray that Willow and Nina have a mother and daughter relationship and
    I hope Willow leaves Michael
    I hope Carly give up on chasing after her son’s Uncles and get a new man that’s not related to the Quartermaines
    I hope Willow turn against Carly and Michael and focus on her mother and her family and stop chasing behind the Quartermaines I hope Willow cuss out Ned and Sonny need to stop being a hypocrite because Carly did a lot of dirt over the years and hurt a lot of people Including her own mother by sleeping with her mother’s husband and he forgave her so he should be able to understand and forgive Nina because Carly did Nina dirty

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