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General Hospital Spoilers: New Hints About Todd Manning’s Return To GH

General Hospital Spoilers: New Hints About Todd Manning's Return To GH

General Hospital (GH) spoilers suggest a new hint about Todd Manning’s (Roger Howarth) return. Fans noticed a clue that the show could set up for his appearance in Port Charles. Keep on reading to learn more.

According to the General Hospital spoilers, Roger Howarth ended his three-year character run as Austin Gatlin-Holt. He was shot to death. Howarth has spent over a dozen years on the ABC daytime soap. He said that he’s willing to return to GH or another soap opera.

GH Spoilers: Roger Howarth Ends Three-Year Character Run

Howarth confirmed his exit on Instagram. Fans have mixed reactions to his character’s death. Rumors first started swirling when his character Austin was seen lying in a pool of blood. In his message, Howarth thanked the fans for their support.

“Three things that I know for sure,” Howarth wrote. “1, Daytime fans are lovely and amazing and supportive and dedicated and I am deeply grateful to each sparkly one of them. 2, I enjoyed my time at general hospital and wish the cast and crew the best and continued success.

It was a pleasure working with you all. 3, Life is amazing. We just don’t ever know what’s gonna happen. How great! Turn toward the light. Always. Huge thank you to you all.”

The General Hospital spoilers suggest that Howarth’s contract wasn’t renewed. Austin’s death helped move the storyline along. Howarth admits that he was kind of shocked to get the news. Still, he is happy with his time on the show and trusts the writers and producers for doing their job.

General Hospital Spoilers: New Hints About Todd Manning's Return To GH

General Hospital Spoilers: Todd Manning Could Return

Howarth previously filled the roles of Franco Baldwin and Todd Manning. His character of Austin wasn’t beloved by most fans. Austin was a character who was thrown around Port Charles with very little storyline of his own.

He lost his previous character of Todd Manning in a legal battle between ABC and Prospect Park, the company that licensed All My Children and One Life to Live in its streaming reboots.

However, some fans think Austin’s death could lead to Todd’s return. The user AllenAJ posted on the Message Boards: “I was curious as to what you have seen in the writing or heard that makes you think Todd might return.”

One fan resoundingly wrote: “Nope to all of this, it won’t happen.” A second user noted: “If Todd returns, I doubt he would be portrayed by RoHo so no point to even having the character.”

The General Hospital spoilers reveal there are no hints of Todd Manning returning to Port Charles. Some fans think Howarth had an incredible run on the show. He was given chances with four different characters. It just didn’t work out in his favor.

What are your thoughts on Todd Manning’s return? Do you think it could happen? Will you miss having Howarth on the show? Sound off below in the comment section.  As always, check back for more GH spoilers, news, and updates.

  1. Catharine March says

    please have Roger return to General Hospital. He is an amazing actor.

  2. Sharon says

    Please bring him back!!!!! Todd Manning would be great!

  3. AMJ says

    NOT TODD!!! Todd is irrelevant to GH… Find a way to bring Franco back. For Liz, the boys and we fans! Next to killing Jason off, Killing Franco off was the second dumbest mistake GH had make this decade…

    1. Rebel says

      Absolutely love Roger & would love for him to come back to the GH in any character. Todd or Franco would be great but a whole new character would be awesome also. maybe a twin of one of his past character?

    2. Theresa says

      I was just going to say the same thing Franco and Liz was going great. The Kids started trusting him and they were going to finally have a good loving storyline. I say Franco is alive . Scotty is dying with no Children to carry on the Baldwin name. They were so relevant to GH. I say bring him back with his sister Selena . So Cody can meet and connect with him and Franco. . Also Bring back Haley but I think she’s staying on all my children and her and Billie is hooking back up until Victoria realizes she really wants Billy on Y&R.

    3. Gammalinda48 says

      YOU ARE RIGHT ON WITHTHAT !!! Their love story was One of the Best love story on GH, other than Luke & Loura it ranked 2nd to theirs !! Worse mistake GH Ever Did was to end it, even though his acting was something else when he was dying !! I think the Fans of GH Cried for quite awhile over that one!!

  4. Arleen says

    They are letting Austin die, so please bring him back as either Todd Manning or Franco would be great, say he was kidnapped or something in the range! Just don’t let him leave totally! Also bring back Jason and while you are at it bring Morgan back with Jason! Life would be great again with the three back or returning!

  5. Gloria says

    RoHo will be missed. I believe the writers could have done better with Dr. Holt’s character. So his contract was ending, and what? Just kill him off. if the fans found him boring. isn’t it the writers’ responsibility to keep the interest going? Writers, just look at the bigger picture. Don’t just concentrate on a few of the characters. Sorry writers, don’t mean to dump on you. 💔

  6. Rebel says

    Absolutely love Roger & would love for him to come back to the GH in any character. Todd or Franco would be great but a whole new character would be awesome also. maybe a twin of one of his past character?

  7. Gammalinda48 says

    Every Time I leave a comment, you reply with something to the effect I said that already in my reply!! So from now on I’ll never reply or read anything on this website !!

  8. Louh says

    Really, I really love him but how many times can we flip a switch and have our brain not look at him as Austin or Franko and now all of a sudden he is Todd. Come on guys give him a permanent person. I hate to see him go but give us a break before he shows up again. Come on..

    1. Barbara says

      I won’t miss the Austin character. I didn’t care for the Artist Franco character either. Watching One Life To Live spoiled me for seeing Roger Howarth forever as Todd Manning. I hope Roger goes on to do a TV series or big screen projects because he is that good of an actor.

  9. Patricia says

    They’ve had him return 2 times, I think it’s time for him to go to a different soap. Let him start a new life on a different soap

  10. Patricia says

    They’ve had him return 2 times, I think it’s time for him to go to a different soap .

  11. lbc says

    If after the actor himself said his thanks and goodbyes to GH and returns to canvas as Todd or anyone else, the proof of the pudding regarding spoiler boards providing information that isn’t necessarily true has been verified. Unfortunately viewers can’t even trust what actors are saying as to their status on canvas or the way story lines are going. Viewers can’t trust the actual writers, actors or spoiler boards for information regarding story lines as I have always said, just wait and see what will will occur and continue conversing with other viewers on the spoiler boards regarding personal thoughts about what going on in PC.

  12. DIANE NUTGRASS` says

    After reading the comments I’m not sure why the GH fans would not want the Todd Manning character to come back, I just loved his character. It would be great if they would give him a forever contract. Roger Howarth is loaded with talent but, the GH writers did not give him any good storylines in any of the parts he played. I just hope they will let him come back as the bad boy Todd Manning.

  13. Cynthia says

    I have watched Roger on One Life to Love, All My Children and GH and he is amazing. GH screwed up when they killed off Franko. Him and Elizabeth were dynamic together. True him and Ava were not. he WAS NEVER allowed to make the character his own. It was wrapped around Ava and the bad guys. I really hope GH will find another role for him to play because he is really good.

  14. Nanlee says

    yes he will be missed..Really loved him as Franco..The writers did did a messed up job with script as Austin…I wish him well all the best in what ever he does…A phinomal actor…

  15. Jason Manning says

    I want Todd Manning back more than anything, it’s just so unfair, General Hospital is nothing without bringing back Todd Manning, even if it was just for a couple of weeks would be better than nothing, this truly sucks!!

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