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General Hospital Spoilers: Finn is Being Sued and Has No Idea Who His Enemy Is

General Hospital Spoilers: Finn is Being Sued and Has No Idea Who His Enemy Is

General Hospital spoilers leak Dr. Hamilton Finn (Michael Easton) is being sued by the wife of a former patient who has died.

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Accusing him of catching only a tapeworm the man was suffering from and not the cancer invading his body, the man’s grieving wife believes Finn may have neglected to thoroughly screen his patient, which ultimately led to a much later diagnosis of the cancer that eventually claimed his life.

General Hospital Spoilers — Who is Dennis Muldoon?

We never heard the name Dennis Muldoon until this week. He was a patient of Finn’s who was treated for a tapeworm, later developed cancer, and subsequently died. His wife is an unknown figure in this situation, and Finn hasn’t mentioned that he ever met her.

Could it be that Mrs. Muldoon is someone Finn knows from his past? Might it finally be a reason to admit Reiko Finn (Mele Ihara) never died? Is she back to claim what’s hers and ruin Finn on the way down for hooking up with Elizabeth?

GH Spoilers Squeal Violet Has Ties That Bind?

A couple of months back, Finn mentioned having a patient die. It was a tough spell for him to get through, but Elizabeth comforted him on the hospital rooftop as they talked it over.

Finn knows the feeling of that loss all too well, but he was never expecting he might stand to lose far more. At the time, he mentioned the patient was the father of one of Violet Finn’s (Jophielle Love) classmates. Is this the same patient, and if so, who is that classmate’s mom?

General Hospital Spoilers: Finn is Being Sued and Has No Idea Who His Enemy Is

General Hospital Spoilers — Where is This Going?

Fans are curious where this storyline might possibly be headed. There is no reason to suspect Finn is leaving Port Charles. Are they just trying to make Finn and Elizabeth more interesting as a couple?

If so, the fans say it’s not working and they should cut their losses. Is this a move against Finn from an unknown enemy, or a random encounter staged to make us question Finn’s capacity as a doctor after all these years?

Ultimately, the most reasonable expectation is that the pressure of learning his dad is dying while being sued for malpractice could be too much for Finn and lead him back to substance abuse.

We all know Elizabeth is never allowed to have a happy ending. Will Finn face an end of his own, bringing to light the real reason he needed Elizabeth to agree to raise Violet if something ever happened to him? Stay tuned for more General Hospital news and spoilers just ahead to find out.

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