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General Hospital Spoilers: Diane Miller’s Carolyn Hennesy Talks Jason Morgan’s “Happily Ever After”

General Hospital Spoilers: Diane Miller’s Carolyn Hennesy Talks Jason Morgan’s “Happily Ever After”

General Hospital (GH) spoilers suggest that fans are gearing up for Jason Morgan’s (Steve Burton) explosive return to Port Charles, which will start to unfold on Monday, March 4.

During a recent interview, Carolyn Hennesy (GH’s Diane Miller) was asked about Jason’s comeback and talked a little bit about his possible “happily ever after” storyline.

General Hospital Spoilers – What Will Diane Miller Do When She Sees Jason Morgan?

GH spoilers suggest that as one of Diane’s favorite clients (and most prone to legal issues), Jason will likely run into Ms. Miller at some point.

Still, the details around Jason’s return storyline have been kept under wraps by GH. Nothing like the shock factor, right?

Diane was more than just Jason’s lawyer; they developed a nice friendship over the years. You don’t just bail someone out of jail time and time again without developing a bond, right?

During a recent Daily Drama episode, the podcast Steve Burton hosts with fellow castmate Bradford Anderson (Damian Spinelli), the two welcomed Hennesy, and the trio “speculated” on what Diane would do if she heard a knocking at her door, and found Jason behind it, alive and well.

GH Spoilers – There Would Be Pure Happiness

Hennesy states Diane would likely cry out of “pure happiness”. She adds that some much goes “wrong” in the little town and that no one truly experiences a “happy ending”, which is what keeps fans watching.

Carolyn goes on to say that if Diane saw Jason, her initial feeling would be, “This is a happy ending”. She adds that in some ways, it would be a return to normalcy.

General Hospital Spoilers: Diane Miller’s Carolyn Hennesy Talks Jason Morgan’s “Happily Ever After”

Still, fans know all too well that soaps can get mighty complicated, and things aren’t ever as simple as they should be. Jason will likely have to sift through a ton of drama before he reaches anywhere near anything “happy” in Port Charles.

Whether he’s brainwashed, suffers from amnesia, or is bitter that he was kept from family and friends for so long, Jason will likely stumble through a ton of obstacles once he steps back foot in the little town.

Who’s excited about Jason’s return? Share your thoughts below. Watch the popular soap daily so you don’t miss an exciting moment and visit this site for the best General Hospital news and spoilers.

  1. Cloudy skies says

    I am not too happy that Jason is coming back…because he’s been back and forth so many times! And Jason always screws up someone else’s relationship. First there are s Carly and Drew..they will break them up! And I love them together! Or they will break Sam and Dante up..and they are so happy together! They’ve already screwed up Dex for Jason! I don’t like Jason anymore!!! Stay away Jason!!

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