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General Hospital Spoilers: Danger Strikes At Jake’s Birthday Party-Jason Crashes Party And Comes To The Rescue?

General Hospital: Jake Webber’s (Hudson West)

General Hospital spoilers and updates tease danger could easily strike at Jake Webber’s (Hudson West) upcoming birthday party.

Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) could crash the party, possibly invited by his other son Danny Morgan (Asher Antonyzyn) and save the day, proving his love for Jake.

General Hospital Spoilers: Jake Webber Feels Abandoned

Jason didn’t exactly get a warm welcome when he stopped to catch up with his son in the episode of April 1-Jake was in the shower when Jason knocked.

Elizabeth Baldwin (Rebecca Herbst) was upstairs in her robe and Aiden Spencer (Enzo DeAngelis) answered the door when she called down for him and asked him to.

Aiden knew of Jake’s animosity towards his birth father, he’d broken up a fight between him and Danny over Jason but was nice to him when he entered.

Elizabeth soon came down the stairs as well, followed by Jake a few minutes later. Jason and Elizabeth let Jake vent and say his piece, with Elizabeth going outside with Jason and explaining Jake’s anger.

General Hospital: Jake Webber’s (Hudson West)

GH Spoilers: Jason Morgan Understood, He Would Feel The Same Way

Jason understood how Jake felt, he said he would feel the same way-but he wasn’t able to offer a satisfactory explanation as to why he wasn’t able to communicate.

He could only be vague, saying he’d gotten in some trouble and had to do a job he didn’t want to do that precluded him from reaching out to loved ones.

After Jason left, Elizabeth had a talk with Jake, pointing out that Jason does care and would likely keep showing up-and that could have been a hint about an upcoming event.

Jake’s birthday is coming up on May 4, and he could have a birthday party that Jason could crash with Danny, not realizing he’s crashing it of course. Danny would set it up for Jason and Jake to be together at the party with neither one knowing he intervened.

General Hospital Spoilers: Pikeman Problems, Or Party Pranks Gone Wrong?

Bearing in mind these will be teenagers, and teenage boys at that involved, there could be danger to Jake from party pranks gone wrong.

Someone could put exploding birthday candles on the cake, catching fire and Jason could realize it and pull Jake back before he got burned.

But the real danger could come from Pikeman, because Jason is now forced to act as bait to draw them out-and that could mean an attack at the party!

They could be after Jason but perhaps decide to try a kidnapping of his sons, and that’s exactly why Jason didn’t want to keep working for John “Jagger” Cates (Adam Harrington)!

Either way, Jason could act heroically to save the day in a way that will prove his love to Jake.

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  2. Babs says

    Jake needs to get over his animosity towards Jason. Their will eventually come a time when Jason will be able to say where he was and what he was doing for the FBI. And Sam should not keep Danny away from Jason either. Because that’s why he’s been acting up.

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