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General Hospital Spoilers: New Clue Dex Heller Is Dante’s Son

General Hospital Spoilers: New Clue Dex Heller Is Dante's Son

General Hospital (GH) spoilers suggest there’s a new clue that Dex Heller (Evan Hofer) could be Dante Falconeri’s (Dominic Zamprogna) son.

Fans want the actor to provide more context to his recent social media post. Just a week after he left the ABC daytime soap, Hofer has fans wondering whether Dante is Dex’s biological father. Keep on reading to learn more. 

GH Spoilers: Dex Heller’s Father Revealed? 

On the Friday, February 16 episode of General Hospital, Dex Heller left Port Charles and went into hiding. He went on the run after he betrayed Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard).

Sonny warned Dex that he could put his girlfriend Josslyn Jacks (Eden McCoy) in danger if he didn’t leave town. Fans want to know what happened to Dex and whether he will return to reunite with his father.

The General Hospital spoilers suggest that fans are still missing Dex. They wanted to know what was going to happen to the fan-favorite. There are still questions about his whereabouts. Others want to know about Dex’s familial ties. There are theories that Dante could be his father. 

Evan Hofer has GH fans buzzing about his latest Instagram post. He shared photos from his trip to New York City. The last photo showed him posing in front of a store called Falconeri, which is Dante’s last name. Hofer might’ve intentionally dropped this Easter egg on fans. 

GH fans flocked to the comment section. Most of them asked Hofer to clarify his cryptic post. They wanted to know if he was poking fun at the theories. One fan wrote: “The last picture only fueling the Daddy Dante agenda.” Another user commented: “Torn between this is getting what we want or are we getting trolled hard?” 

General Hospital Spoilers: New Clue Dex Heller Is Dante's Son

General Hospital: Evan Hofer Teases Theories

In a new interview with Soap Opera Digest, Evan Hofer spoke out about the theories. The outlet asked him if he noticed the speculation about John/Jagger (Adam J. Harrington) being Dex’s father. Hofer mentioned the theories that Dex could also be Jason Morgan’s (Steve Burton) son, especially with his return to the show.  

The General Hospital spoilers suggest that one of these men could be Dex’s father. The actor joked that he wished all of these characters could be his father. It would make for an interesting storyline.

“There are too many historical intricacies that I don’t understand to say, but I just know whatever the writers decide in whatever cool way sounds good to me,” Hofer said. 

What are your thoughts? Do you think Dex is Dante’s son? Which theory do you think is the most believable? Sound off below in the comment section. 

As always, check back for more General Hospital spoilers, news, and updates. 

  1. Pat Savary says

    Dex is too old to be Dante son. I would guess Jagger more than Jason.

  2. Baa s says

    If he is Dante’s kid, whose his mother? Or even Jason’s who would the mother be?

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  4. lbc says

    If Dex just has to have a character connection to canvas, I’d rather see him be Dante’s son rather than Sonny’s or Jason’s. Plus, it would add to the dynamics and give more interesting story telling as he would be Sonny’s grandchild and wouldn’t necessarily have to be tied to the mob for the rest of his life and be a good guy for Joss to have as a partner as long as writers allow the relationship to continue.

  5. MJ says

    I thought he was Dante’s kid from the start, cause it was obvious in a few early scenes, that Dante wasn’t sure if he trusted him. They had a few scenes that made me think there was something there. But, after that, they never had much interaction or any scenes together, so I thought it was gonna be someone different. We never found out what the big secret about Dante’s past is. The one he and Cody talked about at first. I thought maybe when he was a teen, he got someone pregnant and he thinks, she either miscarried or terminated. But maybe she actually kept the baby, or gave him up for adoption, and he’s Dex. And if so, Dex probably doesn’t even know about it.

  6. Carole says

    Ridiculous! No way! Way too close in age!

  7. Kitty says

    I would like this…. Dante and baby mama were 15, her family sent her away so Dante had no idea of her pregnancy. She gave Dex up for adoption

  8. Bettye Church says

    I think Brenda is Dex’s mother. Many years ago. Dante was hired to protect Brenda and it turned out she was pregnant, so Dante covered for her and said the child was his. He later signed off that the child was not his. Carly tried to interrupt the wedding claiming Danta had been with Brenda to Sonny. Dante stepped up and told Sonny what the real truth was and told Carly off. Sonny and Brenda finished there vows.

  9. BLM says

    I think Brenda is Dexs birth mother. Back in the day Dante was hired to protect Brenda and she was pregnant at the time. So Dante claimed to be the father of this baby to protect them both from the real father. When they were safe, he signed off all rights to the child. when Sonny and Brenda were about to get married, Carly stood up and told Sonny about Danta and Brenda having a child together. Dante stepped up and told Sonny the truth then told Carly off and said that it was nobody’s business. Sonny and Brenda got married.

  10. Shelley says

    I still say Jason is Dex’s father. There are too many similarities between the both. Both men’s postures are the same and they both care about family and Dex will be safe from sonny.

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