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General Hospital Spoilers: Curtis Will Walk Again – and Portia May Worry It’ll Be the End of Them

General Hospital Spoilers: Curtis Will Walk Again - and Portia May Worry It'll Be the End of Them

General Hospital spoilers remind that before Curtis Ashford (Donnell Turner) was shot and left paralyzed, he and his wifey — Portia Robinson (Brook Kerr) — weren’t doing so hot.

They had just been married, and that same night, Portia’s big betrayal came out: Trina Robinson (Tabyana Ali) may not have been Marcus Taggert’s (Réal Andrews) daughter after all.

To add insult to injury, it was possible that she was Curtis’ child and Portia always knew and kept the truth from him. Now that we know Trina and Curtis are father and daughter, it’ll be even harder for Portia to imagine a life without Curtis as her husband, but her overactive imagination will kick into high gear soon and she won’t be able to shut it off.

General Hospital Spoilers — The Big Experiment

The experimental surgery Portia signed Curtis up for without even mentioning it to him first was a long shot. They both knew the chances that he would be able to regain mobility below his waist were quite slim, but they took the gamble anyway.

Now, Curtis is on his way to recovery from life in a wheelchair. Portia appears happy enough, but that’s bound to change as she starts to think about what changes lie on the horizon.

GH Spoilers Hint Renewed Confidence Brings About Another Side of Curtis

When Curtis was first shot, Portia had to fight to get him to let her support him. He didn’t want her at the hospital. He didn’t want to come home with her.

General Hospital Spoilers: Curtis Will Walk Again - and Portia May Worry It'll Be the End of Them

He also knew he had few options in any other direction. Settling into his marriage didn’t feel like he was settling for Portia because he had no other options as a newly paralyzed man, but it’s sure going to look that way in hindsight.

With his legs working again and Curtis back at it, will he start to reconsider his options, and if so, what are they?

General Hospital Spoilers — Portia Grows Weary

Portia certainly didn’t want to see her husband in a wheelchair, but she can’t help but acknowledge that it didn’t hurt their situation at the time for Curtis to need her so much.

He hated it, and she knew why. If it hadn’t happened, he wouldn’t be with her to this day. He might even be back with Jordan Ashford (Tanisha Harper).

As Curtis regains his strength and the ability to walk again, Portia will have to contend with her insecurities that he just might reconsider why he’s with her and whether he’s truly able to forgive her now that he has more options on the table again. Stay tuned for more GH news and spoilers to find out what decision he makes

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