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General Hospital Spoilers: Has Jason Switched Sides, Could He Be The Mysterious Puerto Rico Shooter?

General Hospital: Jason Morgan (Steve Burton)

General Hospital (GH) spoilers hint that Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) is headed back to Port Charles sometime during February sweeps. As fans look forward to his reunion with friends, family, and loved ones, could he come back a completely different person?

Is it possible he’s the mysterious attacker gunning for Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) and Ava Jerome (Maura West)?

GH Spoilers: Sonny Corinthos’s Observation

GH spoilers note that there was an explosive shootout at Sonny’s island in Puerto Rico during the Wednesday, January 31st episode of the show.

Somehow, the mystery person infiltrated Corinthos’s tight-knit security system and was able to take shots at both Sonny and Ava. Thankfully, no one got hurt … this time around.

As Wednesday’s show was coming to a close, Sonny made an interesting observation. He noted to Dex Heller (Evan Hofer) that their entire security team needs an overhaul.

Jason Morgan (Steve Burton)

He went on to state that whoever broke through their security knows the system well. It’s hard to think of anyone else in the free world who could have access to this information or gain access to this information.

Except for Jason Morgan.

GH Spoilers: Why Jason, Why?

In his right mind, Jason would never betray Sonny. But who knows what Jason has been through during the two-plus years he’s been gone? Has he grown bitter?

Has he been programmed to target Sonny? If one of Sonny’s enemies were able to rescue Stone Cold and brainwash him into attacking his former boss and bestie, there’s a good chance he might.

Regardless, for Jason to be the mysterious attacker, he’d have to have all his memories. Perhaps it rubbed Jason the wrong way how Sonny and Carly Spencer (Laura Wright) gave up on their search for him after the tunnel collapse, and simply accepted he had passed.

It would be interesting to see Jason turn into a darker character. His Stone Cold persona is a far cry from his Jason Quartermaine days, but Jason Morgan, much like Sonny, has always been a criminal with a heart of gold.

Shoot the bad guys, but don’t hurt the good ones. What if any shred of decency Jason once had, has been wiped away since 2021?

Could Jason be the mystery shooter? Share your thoughts below. Watch your favorite ABC soap daily to catch all the drama and visit this site regularly for the best General Hospital news and spoilers.

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  2. Babs says

    I hope not. Maybe one of Brennen’s men did it, because he wouldn’t buy anymore of his illegal guns. The person who shot Cuurtis was Selena Wu. Because he wouldn’t sell her the Savoy.

  3. Julia Olive says

    Please don’t do that story line again it’s. Been done before. Have Jason Rescue Sonny or Carly . Bring Morgan with him. That would a wonderful surprise for everyone.

  4. Rochelle says

    I think it would open a lot of story lines if Jason returned as Jason Quarter. and Morgan was the shooter. main

  5. Carla DuBose says

    Don’t think it’s Jason; he wouldn’t miss, in or out of his right mind. Not sure who or why, but it’s someone who has a serious axe to grind.

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