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General Hospital Spoilers: Curtis And TJ Shocked When Stella Shows Up In Brooklyn

General Hospital spoilers tease that Curtis and TJ Ashford (Donnell Turner, Tajh Bellow) will be shocked when Stella Henry (Vernee Watson) shows up in Brooklyn! They didn’t expect Auntie Stella to be so worried about Marshall Ashford (Robert Gossett) that she would come to support him in an upcoming episode of GH!

General Hospital Spoilers – Marshall Ashford Suffered A Serious Injury

Marshall suffered a serious injury when he and TJ were attacked by a pair of muggers in the back alley leading to a jazz club. Marshall was knifed right in the wrist and nearly bled out in the alley and probably would have died had Curtis not jumped in and saved the day! TJ was still in danger as well, being alone against the two muggers until Curtis got there, and Curtis called 911 while TJ attended to Marshall, who was unconscious by that time.

Neither Curtis nor TJ had called Stella, but someone did – TJ may have called his mother, Curtis may have called his girlfriend, and either of them may have told Stella. It’s also possible Molly Lansing-Davis (Haley Pullos) may have called her, knowing how far back she knew Marshall and the Ashford family.

GH Spoilers – Stella Henry Knew Marshall Ashford Faked His Death

Curtis was shocked to find out Stella knew Marshall faked his death back in the day and not only that, so did his and his brother’s mother! That was before Curtis’ mother became ill and died and Stella left Detroit and her serious boyfriend Marcus Godfrey (Nigel Gibbs) behind to take care of her nephews. Curtis told TJ about it and he also told Portia Robinson (Brook Kerr) before he left to look for Marshall in Brooklyn.

To say Curtis felt rather betrayed by his auntie and late mother had been an understatement to say the least, but Stella was profusely sorry – she couldn’t violate her sister’s wishes. It had been Irene Ashford (uncast character) who didn’t want Curtis and his brother Tommy Ashford (uncast character) to think their father had died.

General Hospital Spoilers – Stella Henry Arrives At Hospital In Brooklyn

Stella arrives at the hospital in Brooklyn and connects with Curtis and Molly in the waiting room; TJ is with Marshall, who can still only have one visitor at a time. Marshall is in serious condition, and there is a chance he may not wake up; an MRI was ordered to assess brain function although he had not been oxygen deprived. Curtis updates Stella on what he knows, and she has had some medical training and knows if Marshall lost enough blood his brain function was affected he won’t make it.

General Hospital Spoilers: Curtis And TJ Shocked When Stella Shows Up In Brooklyn

Stella tells Curtis she’s there for him and TJ but the worry on her face as Curtis talks about Marshall’s condition is very telling. For all her seeming disdain and anger at the man it appears she actually does care for him, and a lot!

GH Spoilers – TJ Ashford Comes Out Of The Room And Reports

TJ comes out of Marshall’s hospital room and reports Marshall squeezed his finger in response to a question; it’s not very much, but it’s a start. The MRI report has not come back yet but TJ says that is a very good sign that he doesn’t have brain damage.

Heavy blood loss takes a lot out of a person, especially an older person and Marshall will probably do a lot of sleeping as he continues to recover. He is still not to the point where he is fully functional but at least he responded with the finger squeeze; TJ now goes to report that to the doctor. Curtis, Stella and Molly are relieved and they all rally around Marshall as they wait for the neurologist’s report.

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