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General Hospital Spoilers: Could The End Of Fiz Mean A New Beginning For Liason?

General Hospital: Elizabeth Webber (Rebecca Herbst) and Dr. Finn Hamilton (Michael Easton)

General Hospital (GH) spoilers note that when Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) re-entered the land of Port Charles in early March, there was wild speculation over who he would dive into a romance with.

The main suspects were his “exes”, BFF Carly Spencer (Laura Wright) who quickly became single upon his arrival, as well as Sam McCall (Kelly Monaco) and Elizabeth Webber (Rebecca Herbst).

Still, unlike Carly, both Liz and Sam stayed strong in their romance, after Stone Cold arrived on the scene. Well, until lately.

GH Spoilers: Fiz Is Suddenly Falling Apart

GH spoilers indicate that Liz and her boyfriend Dr. Finn Hamilton (Michael Easton) were going strong until the week of May 20.

Unfortunately, Finn fell apart after his father Gregory Chase (Gregory Harrison) passed away, and the recovering drug addict reached for a drink. It’s hard not to see that Finn could spiral. It’s also hard not to see that a relapse could cost him his romance with Liz.

General Hospital: Elizabeth Webber (Rebecca Herbst) and Jason Morgan (Steve Burton)

Upon seeing that Finn had fallen off the wagon, Liz struck down hard on him, right away. The two argued, and his girlfriend spilled the beans about his drinking to co-chief of Staff, Portia Robinson (Brook Kerr) – not Liz’s finest moment.

It’s hard not to think that Liz and Finn will break up over this: not only because of the good doctor’s drinking, but also because the nurse ran and snitched on him the first opportunity she got.

Is this all a way to break things off with Finn so Liz can move on to a reunion with Jason? It’s been a hot minute since the two had a romance, and so many fans want to see the two give their relationship another chance.

GH Spoilers: The Jake Webber Factor

Liason shares a son, and Jake Webber (Hudson West) isn’t as happy as he should be that his dad is alive. The conflict between Jake and Jason could be a sore spot that creates sparks between Stone Cold and Liz at first; it could also be the very thing that brings them closer as they both try to navigate Jake’s issues with Jason, to help re-establish a father-son bond.

As of this writing, there still is no strong indication of who exactly will be the next romantic interest for Jason. While he’s deep in a storyline with Carly (as per usual), both Burton and Wright, along with their characters, have made it clear that Jarly is meant to be friends, not lovers.

But this could be a swerve. Still, fans of the Liason coupling can’t help but get excited over the recent troubles Fiz is facing.

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  1. Doll says

    I prefer he be with Carly. She never judged him and is always there for him.

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  3. Dee says

    please don’t put Jason with Liz or Sam again he needs someone new as a fan I think he needs someone new but Carly should b with Sonny not Jagger and if not Jason put her back with Sonny and Jason someone like a Britt again to bad they can’t bring her back Jason and Britt were happy why not her and are they thinking it’s ok to bring these kids into all this it’s mistake

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