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General Hospital Spoilers: Changing Partners, Sonny Returns To Carly And Drew Hooks Up With Nina?

General Hospital Spoilers: Changing Partners, Sonny Returns To Carly And Drew Hooks Up With Nina?

General Hospital spoilers and updates tease that Nina Reeves (Cynthia Watros) and Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) could split apart in coming weeks over the mob violence he’s involved in. Over with Carly Spencer (Laura Wright) there’s a situation with Drew Cain (Cameron Mathison) going on a dangerous mission-could there be a case of changing partners ahead?

General Hospital Spoilers: Will Nina Reeves Come Back?

Sonny asked Nina to distance herself from him while the mob violence is going on, even though he does love her and says she’s his future. But Nina seems to be more in love with his past-his amnesiac past as Nixon Falls Mike the bartender and Carly’s better suited for Sonny’s mob world. She already talked to Phyllis Caulfield (Joyce Guy) about her dilemma even before the ambush at the warehouse.

Carly, on the other hand may not be cut out to be hooked up with a former Navy Seal who’s anxious to take down Victor Cassadine (Charles Shaughnessy). She claims she’s not subconsciously using Drew for a Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) replacement, but it’s becoming more apparent a Jason Morgan type enforcer he’s not.

General Hospital Spoilers: A ‘Carson’ Reunion Ahead?

Sonny still cares about Carly and her daughter Josslyn Jacks, (Eden McCoy) a fact made apparent with his many warnings to Dex Heller (Evan Hofer) to stay away from her. But even Sonny knows Josslyn is her mother’s daughter and she’s drawn to danger just like Carly is when she’s being honest with herself. Likewise Carly takes concern for Sonny, even though he’s involved with her rival, who she transferred her Nelle Benson (Chloe Lanier) hatred to-could there be a ‘Carson’ reunion ahead?

However, Carly has come a long way not holding Willow Tait’s (Katelyn MacMullen) birth mother against her when she found out Willow’s Nelle’s twin. She just avoided telling the truth she knew until it came back to bite her in the behind, and bad.

GH Spoilers: ‘Sona’ No Longer On The Sonar-Could Drew Cain Retreat?

With ‘Sona’ no longer on the sonar, and Carly’s focus returning more to Sonny once the Victor takedown operation is accomplished, could Drew retreat? He could see the writing on the wall and realize he and Carly are really from two different worlds-once they’ve had some time apart from each other and objectivity.

General Hospital Spoilers: Changing Partners, Sonny Returns To Carly And Drew Hooks Up With Nina?

Even though it’s doubtful that Victor could reactivate Drew’s programming, he no longer needs him as a soldier and once he’s taken down that will be irrelevant. If he returns from the mission, which Carly disagreed with anyway but grudgingly allowed it to revenge Jason, and sees she’s drifted toward Sonny and his mob world, he’ll move on. He could move on to Nina, who’ll also be broken up with Sonny and his mob mania, not being able to take the heat.

General Hospital Spoilers: Drew Cain Has A Sensitivity Sonny Corinthos Doesn’t

Drew displays a sensitivity and kindness that Sonny doesn’t, even to Nina and his children, but then that might just be Sonny’s different personality. Unlike Stone Cold, which happened when Jason had his traumatic brain injury anyway, Drew is much more empathetic although Sonny tries. He’s shown Nina a kindness and compassion lately during all the Willow Tait (Katelyn MacMullen) leukemia crisis, especially after finding out she’s her real mother.

Nina can still see goodness in Drew as well, and it’s obvious since she chose not to turn him and Carly in for insider trading even though she could have. Nina can be sneaky and manipulative, but there’s been much less of that since she found out she is a mother.

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  1. NikiTwoShoes says

    Just the idea of Nina and Drew makes me want to gag. It difficult enough to watch she and Sonny slobber all over each other… Next you’ll suggest Nina and Michael if Willow dies, to get back at Sonny…

  2. Barbara says

    No no no no!!! No to Sonny & Carly AGAIN. The writers have written that tired old story to death. No to Nina & Drew. The writers are joking right? Let Drew fall for Sasha, let Nina go back to Valentin, Let Sonny just do his mob thing until he retires from the show. Let Carly be an independent woman doing her thing for five minutes without a man.

  3. cooks7570 says

    Maurice seems to be over Sonny and Carly as a couple.

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